Why Cybersecurity is the Most Promising Career Field


If you are IT savvy and you want to be part of a forward thinking industry, you could do far worse than taking a foray into the world of cybersecurity. One major reason that makes cybersecurity so attractive is the zero percent unemployment rate1

Wait, really?

Yes, you read that right… Zero percent employment rate. Every cybersecurity professional is employed within the industry. This technological sector is a growing industry crying out for new graduates and employees to drive it forward.

That could be you. 

Focusing on cybersecurity enables you to work with coding, asset management, cloud storage solutions, and compliance investigation. Cybersecurity has become integral to every business across every industry. Whether a small startup or a large conglomerate, ransomware and malware attacks can still occur. This is why every business needs to have a cybersecurity expert on their team or have access to a third party cybersecurity firm, like a Managed IT Services company, to help protect their sensitive data and business assets. Take a look at why cybersecurity could be a promising career field for you.

Making an Impact

If you want to have a satisfying work life, then you should consider a role in cybersecurity. With cyber attacks increasing, you will find that more companies than ever are investing in their cybersecurity measures. This means taking on cybersecurity professionals. Demand for experts is increasing rapidly with demand outstripping supply. Your role as a cybersecurity expert will enable you to have a real impact in your day to day tasks. You may be ensuring that data is shielded by a powerful encryption that you have designed. You may be enhancing the security of cloud based storage. Or you might be delivering training to staff, encouraging them not to open that dodgy email attachment and to change their passwords regularly.

In 2017, Equifax suffered a data hack that left nearly 200 million customers’ details at risk. Being part of this industry to try and ward off these attacks can be professionally fulfilling.


You may find yourself working for a private company or you might be eager to work for national government departments. The digital world is continually evolving and cybersecurity professionals will always be needed. You will enjoy analyzing data, spotting trends and solving puzzles. If you are a problem solver and you enjoy coding, you could have a real impact in the virtual world and the real world. Ensuring that a company’s data is safe and that they can keep trading should the worst occur means that you can command a high salary.

Entry level positions can allow you to gain a broad overview of the information technology environment. After a year or two you can then specialize in cybersecurity. You could become a chief information security officer (CIO) or a security architect developing strong business infrastructures to protect the data.

Your skills will be massively in demand, and you should be able to strike a sound work-life balance. Having an impact doesn’t just mean protecting company assets, but it can also mean keeping people safe. Many threats come from rogue states and can affect the ability of people to vote in free and fair elections. You can ensure that people feel safe in their daily lives from the comfort of your own laptop.

Job Opportunities

As government data regulations become more stringent, companies need individuals who have their finger on the pulse of new cybersecurity policies and initiatives. It may even be your job to implement them effectively and efficiently. Job opportunities are ever present and continue to develop. Between 2007 and 2013, cybersecurity roles increased by over seventy percent. This surge shows no sign of slowing down as cyber attacks continue to become more advanced and sophisticated.

With the emergence of cloud based storage, employers and CEOs are becoming more worried about the chances of data breaches. You need to keep the infrastructure safe and secure. This can mean a great deal of responsibility lies heavy on your shoulders. To be a strong cybersecurity professional, you need to be able to work well under pressure, relish a challenge and enjoy having a real impact on the world around you.

You need to read widely around the topic of cybersecurity, as well as have the core technological skills. Being a cybersecurity professional can be fun, challenging and exciting. This is an industry that will only become more developed and will cry out for further well qualified individuals. If you are looking to switch careers or you are a graduate fresh out of college looking to begin your career, take a serious look at the world of cybersecurity.