Understanding Stagnant Strain Syndrome

Stagnant strain syndrome is used for describing the way one strain of kratom may lose potency as time passes. This term was created by the kratom community to describe kratom tolerance.

To better understand this, consider a user of Sacred Kratom. The person only uses a single strain, the same strain, each morning. At first, everything is fine and works as it should. However, as they continue using it, they may discover it is no longer as effective as it once was. If this happens, they should switch to another strain for a while to avoid this problem.

The Details of Stagnant Strain Syndrome

Since stagnant strain syndrome is a type of kratom tolerance, it is important to understand tolerance alone. However, the issue of tolerance is not very well understood in the pharmacological world.

There are a few things that have been discovered about kratom tolerance along with tolerance. It is often referred to as “drug tolerance” or “chemical tolerance.” If you develop a tolerance to something, it means it no longer has a strong effect on your mind or body.

Tolerance may also mean your body is used to a certain substance or chemical. Scientists aren’t clear on all the parameters of this. It has also been found that behavioral and genetic elements influence your tolerance. Again, this is a concept that isn’t very well understood in the scientific community.

Overcoming Stagnant Strain Syndrome

If you develop stagnant strain syndrome, a good way to overcome it is by changing the strain of kratom you use. You can also take a break from kratom altogether if needed.

If you begin to notice a diminished effect with your regular kratom dosage, it is clear you need to make some changes. Be sure that you also choose a quality strand to ensure you get the quality effects desired.