To be a strong and kind father figure a person must go through some ‘training’. It’s critical to self-reflect and remember what our parents did that we don’t agree with. To be a good dad is to be highly supportive of their children and family. Ken Kurson strives to be the best dad he can be for his children. The reason people want a good dad is because of the support system dads bring. Stereotypically speaking, the media and movies define dads as very strong willed charters. They know how to do all the heavy lifting and the physical works anyone needs. In addition, they are usually great at fixing thighs and mowing lawns. However, the media isn’t always right. Dads don’t always have to be these physical people. Just like every human, they have emotions and usually they are very strong, or use string as their partners. Men have been brought up in society to be very masculine and show little to no emotion when it comes to certain things. However, the role of “dad” is actually played by anyone who shows comfort and support to the young. 

By making children feel special and happy, people are more likely to the community to their father figure about things occurring in their lives. When a person feels shut out, they often seek assistance elsewhere which can really harm a parental relationship. In many blockbusters, the dads have a ‘breaking point’ where they snap at their kids or disappoint them in some way. Although it’s usually not as dramatic in real life, it’s important to remember that they’re just human too. Although they usually seem all-knowing, they are learning about life just as everyone else is. To be a good day just means to be supportive and kind to the people who one loves the most. It dones;t matter your gender or your history, it matters how your children preview you now. 

Dads have to be strong for their families and also help support them. Of course, each dad is different. Although one might not get along with one, it’s crucial to understand that everyone’s past affects them. Ken Kurson says that the more understanding people are the better the relationship will develop. There can be many cultural differences between people and their fathers. When they are released on the way but want to change, it doesn’t happen overnight. One has to be patient with their father figures in order for progress to happen. Yes, it can be complicated but remembering that all relationships are substantial is ideal. Whatever a person defines as a good day, is up to them. Lastly, it’s important not to judge the relationships people have with their fathers. Everyone is raised differently and many people raise their children in their own ways. That is why it’s only up to the children if they have a good dad or not. Families come in all shapes and sizes, so being a support system for the people one loves the most is the most generic and practical term that defines what a good father figure is.