Top 5 Security Challenges Modern Businesses Face

Security is a number one priority for modern businesses. With security breaches becoming more and more commonplace, security has adapted to become a leading concern of many organizations. Unfortunately, security is not as simple as implementing the latest security technology and waiting months or years for hackers to be caught; security requires constant vigilance by its people, processes and technologies to be effective. Here are the top 5 security challenges modern businesses face:

1. The Need for Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training requires users within an organization to understand the dangers that they might encounter through their everyday activities; this involves educating employees about malware threats, social engineering attacks (where someone tricks you into revealing your password), phishing attacks (a way of gaining access to sensitive information by masquerading as a legitimate entity), risky behavior (such as opening suspicious email attachments, not properly authenticating yourself before logging into the network), etc.

2. The Need for Security Policies and Procedures

With security awareness training comes security policies. Security policies are guidelines that provide instructions on security-related issues. For example, security policies might tell employees not to plug their smartphones into company computers/networks, or what information is sensitive enough that it needs additional security safeguards. New security policies should be created periodically based on past security incidents and ongoing developments in security technology  to ensure they are relevant for modern businesses.

3. The Need for More Sophisticated Security Technologies

Security technology has been advancing at a steady pace, and security tools have become more sophisticated. This allows security personnel to detect security incidents better, respond faster and do so with fewer resources. Furthermore, security systems must be able to deal with the growing number of security threats, as well as handle new security issues that come about from technological advancements.

4. The Need for Better Automation in Security Management

In order for security personnel to stay ahead of modern security threats, they need modern security management tools that will automate routine security tasks such as applying patches/updates and hardening systems. These technologies are much needed when it comes to dealing with large numbers of servers, workstations or physical access points.

5. The Need for Security Researchers

Technology can only go so far – security researchers are manually testing security systems to find the security holes that the security technologies fail to account for. This is crucial in finding zero day security threats, which are security threats that have not previously been detected, meaning hackers have a chance of being first on exploiting them. Although it is often expensive, security researchers are extremely valuable because of their ability to test new exploits and identify security issues quickly.

Although there’s no way to completely eliminate security challenges, modern businesses need to ensure they are proactive with their security efforts instead of reactive. This means taking advantage of all the security advancements available today and making sure employees receive intensive security training, which will allow security personnel to handle security incidents more efficiently and better protect sensitive information.

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