Parallel Parking Tips for New Drivers

parallel parking

If you were to ask most drivers what they dread the most, the answer would most likely be parallel parking. Even the most seasoned driver can find it a challenge. If you’re used to parking in driveways and parking lot spaces, you might find it difficult to do, especially if you’re new to driving. Here are step-by-step parallel parking tips for new drivers.

About Drinking and Driving

Many parallel parking accident are caused by individuals with too much alcohol in their system, as with most accidents in general. This Boulder felony DUI attorney has seen this unfortunate scenario play out too many times. While you should never attempt to parallel park while intoxicated, you shouldn’t be behind the wheel in the first place. 

Find The Right Spot For You

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you try to fit into the first spot you see. You’ll want to make sure that the spot is about one and a half times the length of your vehicle, so you’ll have plenty of room to maneuver. When you find your spot, check your mirrors, turn on your right turn signal, check your mirrors again, look over your right shoulder, and go when it’s safe.

Line Up Your Vehicle and Put It In Reverse

When you’ve found your spot, pull up next to the vehicle you’re going to park behind. Try to line your car up straight, while maintaining a distance of two to three feet from its side. Next, put your car in reverse and keep on the brake pedal. Look over your shoulder, and reverse slowly so that the middle of your car lines up with the other vehicle’s rear bumper.

Cut In Towards the Curb

When it’s safe to move in, turn your steering wheel towards the curb so that you’re approaching at a 45-degree angle. Continue moving in until you can see the front of the car that’s behind you in your driver’s side mirror. If at any time another car approaches, stay where you are with your turn signal on that way they know what your intention is.

Turn Your Wheels Back the Other Way

In most situations, when your passenger’s side mirror is lined up with the rear bumper of the car in front of the parking space, that’s a good indication that it’s time to turn your wheels back in the other direction. You’ll want to start cutting your wheel away from the curb as you slowly back in and your vehicle is lined up with the other cars you’re parking in between.

Straighten Your Car, Line Up, and Center Between the Other Vehicles

Once you’re lined up with the other cars and you’re parallel to the curb or the edge of the road, you’ll want to make sure you’re straightened and centered between the other two vehicles. This allows the other drivers to leave their spaces safely and easily. 

You’ll also want to make sure you’re about 12 inches from the curb to avoid any violations. If you need an attorney after a car accident, make sure to call them as well as your insurance immediately after causing the damage. 

Remember the Acronym: MSMOG

Check your Mirrors, turn on the right turn Signal, check your Mirrors again, look Over your right shoulder, and Go when safe. One of the easiest ways to get used to parallel parking is to practice. You might want to find a safe spot that you’re able to get the feel of backing up and turning the wheel. Floor these tips and you’ll be a master in no time.