Strategies for Eliminating Distractions and Getting Stuff Done

Diego Ruiz Duran understands the importance of keeping a daily routine. The productivity guru knows how easy it is to fritter your time away, which in the end leaves you feeling disappointed, anxious, and upset with yourself.

And that’s why Duran hopes that his tips will make you more focused and help keep you on that oh so vital daily routine.


Diego Ruiz Duran knows what he wants, and he structures his day around achieving those guys. He believes that it’s critically important to limit yourself to no more than four key things that you’d like to achieve each day. For example:

• Exercise daily

• Work

•Get plenty of sleep


With his key goals in mind, Duran makes a list of things that he needs to do tomorrow in order to work on his key goals. Like so:

•At 7 am: make breakfast

•At 8 am: make sure that I’m at work on time

•At 12 pm: hit the gym

•At 10 pm: shower

•At 11 pm: be in bed and ready to sleep


He reminds us to always set reminders on our phones. When people wake up in the morning, their mind is completely blank. Without the iPhone reminding them of obligations, most folks derail their entire day before it even begins.

“Technology is a blessing. We must always make use of it,” says Duran. This does not mean spending more time on Facebook. Rather, Duran wants us to utilize all the important productivity applications on that hunk of plastic, aluminum, and glass.


Benjamin Franklin said, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Duran agrees with him. He wishes people would understand how important it is to get a proper start in the morning.

Always set the alarm at least one hour earlier than the time that you have to be awake. This gives you time to acclimate to the day and plan your strategy. This step proves to be vital in the keeping of a daily routine. Without proper adjustment and planning, most people invariably wander off course.


Duran teaches his clients what the words sacrifice and reward actually mean. Keeping a daily routine can be incredibly difficult, thus it requires sacrifice in order to maintain. From that sacrifice, people reap the rewards for that hardship. However, for those who refuse to sacrifice, the sacrifice itself becomes the reward. Hence, people never get the rewards that they want because the reward was them dodging out on the sacrifice required for the initial goal.