Near, Far, Wherever You Are

Imagine a time where communicating with your friends and family was complicated.  Rather than pressing a few buttons on your smartphone, you had to visit their house or send written letters.  We have come a long way; now all your business partners and loved ones are just a click away. Through video conferencing technology, you can reach out to anyone in the world and see them in real time.  Gone are the days of missing big meetings or special moments. Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, you’re never far away.  


Through the history of the world, humans always crave connection.  Whether it be meeting to hunt together in the cave dweller era or developing the first written language, so much of our history revolves around communication.  The first ever phone call took place in 1876, when Alexander Graham Bell summoned his assistant. There’s no telling if he knew how far digital communication would come in just 150 years.  Once we were speaking to others all over the world, it was time to see who we were talking to.

Strange as it may seem, the history of the video phone call begins in the 1920’s.  When the computer came along, the concept exploded.  By the late 1990’s, most businesses and college classrooms had webcams and projectors in them.  Now, we use video conferencing for everything from business ventures to social connections

For Business

Businesses use video chatting in many ways.  Think about the last time you had a job interview.  While the first-round interview often involves a phone call, now employers consider video interviews, as well.  This allows employers and interviewees to get to see each other and establish set up a connection beyond just their voices.  Experts state that body language accounts for over 50% of communication. Seeing that other person helps you grow closer.

This concept stretches beyond just interviewing, as well.  If you work for a big Fortune 500 company with offices all over the world, chances are you may need to speak to several managers at once.  Now, through video conferencing, these meetings can take place in an instant, and from the comfort of your own office.

Group meetings and strategies are more accessible to the whole team.  No one has any excuse for missing vital information because you can join the conversation from anywhere.  This also helps businesses save money. Rather than traveling across the country for a face to face meeting, you have to ability to communicate the same way from anywhere.  

For Social Needs

Not only does video conferencing aid you in the office, but you can also communicate with family and friends easier.  We all know how hard it is to keep in touch with our loved ones, but can you imagine how difficult it was before the technological age?  Our main communication used to be letter writing or telegraphs. You had to wait weeks or even months for a response, meaning you would have a great deal on which to catch up.  Now everything is digital. Communicating with someone across the country is as easy as shooting them a quick text message.

However, that doesn’t always satisfy your craving of being with that person.  Through video conferencing or video chatting, you can now see them and their expressions.  While it doesn’t make up for you being far away from someone you love, it’s one step closer than just talking on the phone.  This can be a great gift when you’re craving that connection.