The Influence of Customer Loyalty and Rewards Apps

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting something for free. In the case of brand specific apps, these rewards are meant to create loyalty and allegiance. How do you keep consumers at McDonalds over Wendys? It’s easy, give customers a bigger benefit for using the McDonald’s app over the Wendy’s app. Let’s examine the top loyalty rewards apps below.

These benefits are reflected by looking at the review ratings for top apps in certain categories. For food the trend is clear. The top App Store app is Chick-fil-a with a robust points system and consistent free wards. McDonalds, known for app exclusive deals, is the fifth most popular. Moving to Google Play, Dominos tops the chart with exclusive and massive coupons.

Naturally not all top apps will have massive rewards across categories. Amazon, for example, is a near necessity and will always top the shopping charts. Although on Google Play Sam’s Club is actually the most well-reviewed shopping app. The scan and go feature is a positive that is simply inaccessible without it. 

It’s features like these that separate great brand apps from those that are simply usable. For anyone looking to buy food, clothes, or travel, look for rewards. It can be hard to come by something which is good for the consumer and business alike today. Rewards are an incentive to use a select app more, but they also provide a tangible positive to the consumer.

How Do Consumers Rate the Top Loyalty Rewards Apps