Kfir Gavrieli: Entrepreneur and Difference Maker

In 2008, entrepreneur Kfir Gavrieli co-founded Tieks with his siblings. This acclaimed shoe company has exclusively sold its ballet-style women’s shoes online, which was unique many years ago. Tieks has been recognized by The Oprah Magazine and by Forbes through its 25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands. Entrepreneur also included the online shoe company on its list of top startups to watch. While Gavrieli has achieved considerable popularity and acclaim because of the quality and comfort of the company’s designer shoes, Gavrieli’s incredible impact on the world extends far beyond footwear.

Showing Support for Other Startups and Small Businesses

Comfortable, stylish footwear can empower women to be successful. These high-quality leather flats fit like a ballet slipper and fold neatly so that they can easily be toted around in a purse. They are ideal for active women who need to look their best while remaining comfortable. However, Kfir Gavrieli takes its interest in supporting female business professionals a step further. He established the Gavrieli Foundation, which offers microloans through Kiva.org. These microloans are generally available to women who need funds for a startup. The effects of this initiative are widespread. In fact, the Gavrieli Foundation has lent more than $10 million over the years. This has been doled out through almost 59,000 microloans. In addition to helping women around the world with startup businesses, these funds may be used to pay for children’s education, to put food on the family table and to accomplish other critical goals.

Making a Difference with Operation #SewTogether

Kfir Gavrieli also works hard to make a difference closer to home. Kfir Gavrieli started the Operation #SewTogether campaign to meet the growing need for quality face coverings during the pandemic. Specifically, he has offered Tieks gift cards to customers for every 25 masks they make. These masks have gone to frontline workers, medical workers in hospitals and others. More than 630,000 masks have been produced through this initiative. This program continues to operate, and Kfir Gavrieli says he will maintain it until the pandemic issue has been resolved.

Changing the Narrative on Israel

Gavrieli’s compassionate spirit has also touched Israelis who live around the globe. He recognizes that people are losing connection to Judaism and that Israelis continue to be persecuted in areas throughout the world. Through his involvement in various pro-Israel groups like AIPAC, he hopes to ease the oppression of Israelis worldwide. He is also involved in organizations like 30 Years After, the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israeli American Council.

While a fair portion of Gavrieli’s time each day is committed to running Tieks, this entrepreneur is socially conscious, and he actively supports many important causes. While his support for Israel and for women around the world will likely continue, Gavrieli’s Operation #SewTogether initiative shows that he continues to look for new and important ways to make a difference. With this in mind, his benevolent, charitable spirit may reach many other people in the years ahead.

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