Inventory Made Easier: Data Systems International as a Tracking Solution for Construction Companies

Tracking inventory has never been easier for construction companies since Data Systems International (DSI®) entered the scene.

Data Systems International is a platform that supports mobile-first solutions, resolving issues regarding disrupted supply chains, and helping companies to adapt in today’s life-changing events happening worldwide.

Over the years, DSI has given remarkable service to their clients – improving the efficiency of construction companies such as MAREK, Aegion, and Womble Co. DSI’s Cloud Inventory makes it possible, used to keep track of construction equipment and building supplies. With DSI’s Cloud Inventory, companies will be provided solutions that will increase the adaptability of its supply chain. Companies operate faster, increasing their production rate brought by the supply chain process – inspection and tracking assets done in a row.

Houston, Texas-based interior construction company, MAREK is in the business for 80 years. The company has experienced the effectiveness of DSI in asset management. As a company providing commercial and residential services, most everyone in the company works in the field every day. It became hassling that work slows down due to the company’s manual tracking system. MAREK’s supply chain was overseen through manual input. To collect the information, it required the company’s foremen to travel between warehouses and work sites.

Enter DSI – their tool tracking solution got MAREK to work efficiently and has integrated with the company’s ERP system. Within three weeks of implementation, MAREK has run smoothly through operations. MAREK provided field employees with iPhones to run DSI apps – running less with human error and paper issues. MAREK’s Procurement Director Dan Schnippert has voiced out his thoughts, excited that DSI has opened opportunities to manage financial impacts through DSI’s solutions.

Aegion is a company that has also implemented the use of DSI’s mobile-first solution. Running in the sewer, gas, and oil pipeline industry for 45 years, Aegion has been meaning to step up. Wanting to leave the age of paper trails and manual processes behind, the company was searching for a system that would fit in with Aegion’s recent ERP system. Region partnered with DSI Cloud Inventory solutions to streamline the process behind their company with mobile applications. The solution received positive feedback from employees and customers. Daily field tickets had a 200% reduction in time and weeks of the invoicing process were reduced to a single day.

Another Houston-based company that works hand-in-hand with DSI is Womble Co. The company services provide specialty coating systems for steel pipes, serving clients in industries such as in oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, and construction. A day in Womble’s work includes regular trucks, trains, and barge shipments. Womble occasional suffers from backlogs dues to paperwork and manual processes, so to keep track of the inventory, DSI’s services are required. DSI launched a multi-lingual solution that will help Womble overcome accuracy and visibility issues that matched their current ERP system. Now, Womble’s team members can enter orders and produce products faster and more efficiently than usual – added that DSI’s multi-language solutions support the company’s English and Spanish-speaking workers. The days of paper trails are over and not a single pipe piece has been lost, thanks to DSI – the company now tracks receipts through barcode scans.

Through Data Systems International’s platform, companies work efficiently by digitizing information and optimizing their operations. With valuable information available for companies 24/7 (through apps), time is saved and completion dates are met.