How to Design Eye-Catching Dimensional Signs for Your Business

Dimensional signs are a fantastic way to make your business stand out, literally and figuratively. They add depth and interest to your signage, capturing the attention of passersby. Here are some tips to ensure your dimensional signs make a bold statement and draw customers to your door.

1. Understand the Basics

Before you start, know what a dimensional sign is. Typically, these signs have letters, numbers, or shapes that are raised or cut out for a 3-dimensional effect. They can be made from various materials like metal, foam, wood, or acrylic.

2. Choose the Right Material

Consider durability, weight, and aesthetic when selecting your material. For outdoor signs, weather-resistant materials like aluminum or treated wood are best. Indoor signs offer more flexibility, so you can get creative with materials like acrylic or layered foam.

3. Pick Impactful Colors

Color is crucial in design. Use your brand colors to reinforce brand recognition. Contrasting colors can make your signage pop, but ensure they align with your overall branding scheme.

4. Select the Perfect Font

A sign’s readability is paramount. Choose bold fonts that are easy to read from a distance. Avoid overly decorative fonts as they can reduce legibility, especially when driving by.

5. Consider Lighting Options

Proper lighting can dramatically enhance the effect of dimensional signs. Options include LED backlighting, spotlights, or ambient lighting to showcase the sign day and night.

6. Play with Textures and Finishes

Different textures and finishes can create various looks — glossy finishes can be modern and sleek, while a rustic texture might suit a craft brewery or a farm-to-table restaurant.

7. Add Creative Elements

Incorporate elements that reflect the nature of your business. For example, a pet store might include paw prints or animal shapes, adding character and relevance to the sign.

8. Keep It Simple

Remember, less is often more. A simple, clean design can be just as effective—and sometimes even more so—than one loaded with details. A clutter-free sign ensures your message is clear.

9. Invest in Quality Craftsmanship

Find a reputable sign maker who specializes in dimensional signs. Quality craftsmanship pays off, resulting in a sign that withstands the test of time and weather, retaining its attractiveness and effectiveness.

10. Remember Compliance and Permits

Check with your local government for any sign regulations. Ensure your designs comply with size and height restrictions to avoid fines or being forced to remove your sign.


Your dimensional sign is more than just a marker; it’s a reflection of your brand and an invitation to potential customers. By following these tips, you can create a dimensional sign that conveys your message effectively and enhances the visual appeal of your business.