The Surprising Power of Keeping a Brand Simple and Consistent

In a time where there’s infinite competition for any industry, it can be hard to stay simple and effective. There’s so much appeal to flash and trying to stand out, to carving one’s own niche. Although sometimes the best way to do this is by simply providing an effective product or service.

90% of businesses feature at least some inconsistent branding. This can really obscure the image and values of a business. If a brand is advertised as child-friendly but goes on to be adult oriented, this can lead to issues. This is an issue of consistency across platforms, but inconsistency can also exist across time.

Websites, for example, often have revamps to their formatting and design. In many cases this can elevate what was already good about the site. Although in some cases deviating too far will compromise the consistency and brand built up over time. These are the issues with lacking consistency.

And on the positive side, consistent branding leads to a 10% increase or greater in revenue. Its power comes in creating a digestible and reliable brand for consumers to buy into. Change is often good, but consistency doesn’t mean no change, it just means change that makes sense.

How Strong Brand Consistency Drives Brand Success
Source: BrandGuard