7 Things You Should Never Do or Say in a Corporate Presentation

Whether you are new to powerpoint or have used powerpoint for years, there are always things to be learned. Here are seven things you should never do or say in a powerpoint presentation.

1) Never use bullet points.

Bullet points are easily the most ignored tip in powerpoint design out there. If you want your powerpoint presentation to look better and make a bigger impact, stop using the bullet point.

2) Never use powerpoint templates from other powerpoints unless they are for demonstration purposes.

If you want your powerpoint design to be unique and original, then don’t use powerpoint templates that were meant for another powerpoint. It doesn’t matter if it is a powerpoint template, powerpoint presentation design powerpoint background, powerpoint slide design power point theme, or powerpoint fonts PowerPoint – they are all yours to use as you please.

3) Never use the same color scheme for your powerpoints that your company uses in its corporate logo.

People like powerpoint presentation design power point templates with colors that reflect their own personality and powerpoints tend to be memorable.

4) Never use the same powerpoint background for every powerpoint slide.

Powerpoint backgrounds may last a long time, but if you want your powerpoint presentation to stand out and be personalized, then change it up a little bit every once in a while.

5) Never make powerpoint templates yourself, download powerpoint templates instead.

Powerpoint templates are professionally designed powerpoint backgrounds that have proven to score well on focus group tests. It may take you hours of work to create powerpoints that are just as good, so don’t waste your time when you can download powerpoint templates in minutes.

6) Never use images, powerpoint images or powerpoint clipart that you did not create yourself.

If you want powerpoint presentation design power point backgrounds with real impact and lasting impression, then make sure the powerpoint images have been created by you beforehand. Images are one of the most powerful tools in powerpoint design and powerpoints with powerpoint images tend to get the best results.

7) Never use powerpoint templates that you find online unless they are accompanied by a license, or if you have permission.

Powerpoint templates that you find online may be free, but using them without following proper etiquette may lead to legal trouble in the future.

With powerpoints being an integral part of any business’ success today, powerpoint presentations are used in almost every field imaginable…by everyone from doctors and lawyers, to teachers and marketers.

Almost any powerpoint presentation can be improved with powerpoint backgrounds, powerpoint images, powerpoint templates, powerpoint fonts or powerpoint slides designs .A powerpoint presentation designer knows all of these powerpoint design basics, so if you are looking to create a powerpoint that stands out from the crowd then hire Kristian Olson Art & Design.