7 Pest Control Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

7 Pest Control Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

As the temperature drops this winter, so does your home’s heating bill. Because pests are looking for warm, dry areas to bring their eggs to incubate, they’ll be drawn to your home this winter more than ever! But fear not: there are some pest control hacks every homeowner should know that will help you fight back.

1. Use Dryer Sheets

If you know that pest activity will be high this winter, you’re probably not excited about having to buy an electric bill. Skip the expense and stick a few dryer sheets in each cabinet of your kitchen and bathrooms.

2. Spray Cabinet Under Sink

Anytime we put our hands under the kitchen sink, there seems to be some insect just waiting for us to squish it between our fingers accidentally. That’s where the spray cabinet comes in. Put a few drops of water in a squirt bottle under the cabinet near your sink. The smell will keep pests at bay.

3. Use Pitfall Traps

Pitfall traps are one of the most effective ways to kill tiny pests and rodents. All you need is a bucket, a bottle, and some water. When water is added to the bottle, it will begin to fill up with carbon dioxide gas, which attracts rodents and insects searching for a place to hide. They fall into the bucket, quickly succumbing to their grim fate.

4. Invest in a Housecall

If you’re concerned about your home being damaged by pests, hiring a pest control professional to come out and do a thorough visual inspection is a smart move. Professional inspections can help identify structural issues or areas needing pest control. By enlisting the support of an exterminator, you can avoid spending money on unnecessary repairs.

5. Install Mouse Proof Lids

Many bugs love to take over your kitchen cabinets. Sealing them off might seem the easiest thing in the world, but it’s more challenging than it seems. First, to understand how to seal your cabinets from pests, you have to understand how they slip into the first place.

6. Seal Up the Crack

Small cracks in your cabinets could mean more significant problems. Putting a piece of cloth over it and tapping it on the countertop will do more harm than good, creating tiny holes allowing pests to slip through. The best way to seal the crack is to just put something over it so they can’t get in.

7. Install Rodent Repellent Light Bulbs

Since cold temperatures decrease human activity, pests will be looking for warm places to nest. Providing them with a welcoming atmosphere is the best way to guide them to your home. Installing rodent-repellent light bulbs is an easy and non-toxic way to keep any unwelcome critters away.

Pest control is an essential part of your home. But you can make pest control a small expense. If you can keep pests under control, that’s better than paying big bucks for it. Also, having a pest inspection is a great way to ensure there are no existing problems you may not know about. So, if you are concerned about pests in your home, hire top pest control professionals in your city or town.