3 Benefits of Installing a Green Wall in an Outdoor Living Space

3 Benefits of Installing a Green Wall in an Outdoor Living Space

Green walls, also known as living walls or vertical gardens, are an increasingly popular way to bring a touch of nature into any outdoor living area. Green walls are plants and vegetation planted in individually installed containers and mounted either independently of or integrated with a wall. Not only do green walls look beautiful, but they also provide many other benefits to outdoor living spaces. Here are three key benefits of installing a green wall in an outdoor living space.

1. Environmental Benefits

One major benefit of installing a green wall in an outdoor living space is the positive environmental impact it can have. Green walls act as natural air purifiers, releasing pollutants from the surrounding environment and producing oxygen through photosynthesis.

The plants in a green wall also aid in cooling down the temperature by providing shade, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning and lowering energy bills simultaneously. Additionally, green walls can help improve water quality by absorbing stormwater runoff, which helps to prevent soil erosion and reduce flooding risks associated with sudden heavy rainfalls.

2. Energy Efficiency

Installing a green wall in an outdoor living space is a great way to boost energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs. Not only does this type of wall provide a beautiful, natural aesthetic to the area, but it can also actually lessen the flow of direct sunlight, which helps keep areas shaded and cooler during hot days. This will help lower air conditioning costs in the summertime by providing a natural air conditioning system that can be enjoyed all year round.

Plant life also absorbs heat throughout the day. It releases it back into the calm night-time air, thus improving overall air circulation while helping regulate temperature levels in the living space itself. In winter, the insulation properties of a green wall also offer thermal protection for your home by helping retain heat indoors and prevent cold drafts from entering.

3. Enhanced Privacy

Finally, one often overlooked benefit of installing a green wall is added privacy for your outdoor living area. Not only does vegetation add visual barriers between you and any passersby, but it also helps absorb sound waves from outside, making it harder for people outside to hear what’s happening inside your backyard or garden area. This makes it easier to relax without worrying about anyone eavesdropping or infringing upon your privacy. In addition, a well-maintained vertical garden can also be aesthetically pleasing while providing much-needed shade and standing out among other yards in the neighborhood.

Installing a green wall offers countless benefits when incorporated into an outdoor living space, from improving air quality to enhancing privacy and offering energy efficiency benefits too! Not only can these walls make a statement in terms of design, but they can also help protect against extreme temperatures while increasing livability within smaller spaces such as balconies or patios due to their vertical design features. Such allows them to fit into almost any area with limited ground space for traditional gardening beds or clusters of trees or shrubs typically seen outdoors, otherwise known as “green screens.”