5 Surprising Things That Made Mayur Patil Grow The Largest TikTok Pages In The Women’s Entertainment & Fashion/Beauty Space

Social media is transforming rapidly with new and better innovations happening at every blink of an eye. Now, businesses and others are flocking to social media to establish a presence for themselves and leave their mark on the world. One mogul who is making waves in this scene and showing how it is done is Mayur Patil. But, who exactly is he, and what surprising tips and tricks does he have to share with others seeking the same level of success? 

Who is Mayur Deepak Patil?

The young 21-year old entrepreneur Mayur led growth & strategy at 10PM Curfew, a cross-platform females fashion & beauty network founded by Bella Thorne, and he is pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science at Purdue University. His achievements led to building the largest TikTok channels in the women’s entertainment space, @Style, and @Girls, to over 11.2M followers in just under five months. During this time, he also built an SMS line from 0 to over 172k female subscribers in one month as well. Now, Mayur joined Bustle Digital Group to do what he does best, which is leading growth & strategy for all of its brands across TikTok. How did Mayur achieve such immense success within such a short period of time?

Staying Focused

Mayur warns that it usually gets disheartening at the early stages of engagement with different social platforms, “In the beginning, it’s slow and mostly feels as if you are going through circles. It takes time to get through the essential understanding of building momentum in using such a platform successfully.”

Nevertheless, Mayur encourages you to relax and stay focused on growing the base in multiple channels. Once you have fully established your presence, then focus on further tailoring your content strategy to be platform-specific. No matter what, stay focused, determined, and power through, even during the challenging times, like getting started.

Having Cross-Posting Ability

Having a presence on multiple social platforms makes you remain relevant and active on all social networks. The ability to connect with your target audience on a variety of platforms is powerful. For example, one user may run into your post on Facebook, but if they are more active on Instagram, they won’t see your content unless you are consistently growing across multiple platforms.

Cross-posting allows you to use a single piece posting across different platforms, enabling your social media presence to remain healthy and active. You will be able to reach target end-users across multiple platforms, unlike in focusing on one single platform. That is why Mayur stresses the importance of extending your reach and making sure you are making use of all of the tools available through varied means and platforms.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Content is king, and the more you provide, the more your website gains exposure. Mayur’s secret tip is to have your website linked across all of your social media channels.

The application of the search engine optimization technique creates traffic towards as many social users in need of further exploration. It will click on the link, thus enabling more views, which in turn creates a better ranking.

Using Appropriate Voice on Your Platform

Specific targets require a combination of unique personal touch and content creation. The voice addressing the young generation cannot be similar to the one treating official business-minded individuals. Every audience requires its own form of communication methods, styles, and tones. A combination of a specific niche and slang tonation makes the end-user feel you understand their language. 

Mayur points out that individuals who don’t take keen focus on the content voice tend to experience hindrance in the growth of their social platforms. Remember that on social media, you are not talking to your leads. These are just ordinary people, so do away with formal voices.

Build a Consistent Content Strategy

Whether you publish blogs every day or once per week, it’s crucial for businesses to adhere to a schedule. When your content quality, quantity, or schedule isn’t consistent, it can confuse your audience. Keeping with a regular strategy not only helps create a better experience but it also helps build credibility, reputation and brand trust.

Consistency can also impact your bottom line. According to Techipedia, consistent brands are worth 20% more than those with inconsistencies in their messaging.

Take Away

Cross-platform growth is necessary to reach a broader target market to drive growth across other platforms. It is essential to be consistent across all social media platforms in order to build an engaged fan base.

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