5 Items Your 6th Grader Must Have for the Winter Semester

The final semester of your child’s 6th grade year is probably already in full swing, but it’s not too late to pick up some last-minute items that will make their semester go much easier.

A bigger backpack

You’ve probably learned in the first semester of sixth grade that your child won’t be bringing home light papers and folders anymore. They have bigger books that they’re required to tote back and forth from school and classes, and you want to get them a sturdy bag that’s up to the job.

As you research kids backpacks, look for a bag with multiple compartments, which can hold items more securely. It’s also a good idea to purchase a bag with some reflective material so that they’re more visible by drivers if they’re out after dark.

It’s also important to buy a bag that doesn’t put too much pressure on the back. Your child’s body is still growing and developing, and putting too much strain on the spine with a poorly-constructed backpack could lead to spine curvatures.

Say no to the one-shoulder strap, as this puts serious pressure on the back. Instead, choose a pack with a padded back and arms to reduce pressure. It should have a hip or chest strap to more evenly distribute the carrying weight. This will make it much easier on your child’s physique.

And, of course, the bag should be trendy and match your child’s tastes. There are plenty of backpacks available with all these options!

More folders and notebooks

Keeping your sixth grader organized has probably been somewhat of a trial over the last few months of school. For their next semester, get a few more notebooks and folders and teach them how to organize them properly. This will reduce the number of missed assignments and potentially increase their attentiveness in class.

Consider getting custom binders  with your child’s name or a special design on them. This helps incentivize them to actually follow through with the organizational tactics you teach them.

Locker accessories

Lockers are all new in sixth grade, and if your child keeps a messy room, you can bet their locker gets pretty messy as well. Provide him or her some locker organization accessories like baskets, shelves, or file organizers. Like the folders you’re going to get, this should also reduce the number of lost assignments.

Fun locker accessories are also very popular for sixth graders. Magnets, mirrors, stickers, and other fun supplies allow your child to make his or her locker unique and personalized so they feel more at home while at school.

A timepiece

As your child turns 13, it’s the perfect time to get them a watch or another time piece. Now is the prime time to teach them the importance of being on time, because their responsibilities are increasing but they’re still willing to listen to your life lessons. Let him or her pick out the style so they’re more comfortable wearing it.

Along with a watch, you might consider getting him/her a new alarm clock. They’ve probably slept through their alarms more than once as they get closer to becoming teenagers who need extra sleep. If the old one isn’t cutting it, get a new, more reliable one that ensures your child is on the bus on time every day.

Pouch, purse, or wallet

Your child needs a place for their student ID, lunch card, or money, so get them a pouch or other carrier for this purpose. It will prove very useful in many situations.

If you have a daughter in sixth grade, a small pouch or wallet with a zippered pocket is the perfect case for feminine products, since she’ll likely begin menstruating in the next couple of years. It’s always good to be prepared for incidentals like this.

Your sixth grader will be much more prepared this semester and in future years, thanks to your careful planning and a few great products.