Great Careers to Pursue in Healthcare

The best careers often require the most training and schooling, which can turn off people who are close to graduating college and feel like they are ready for the working world. However, this amount of work makes it worth the skills and impact that you obtain, and one field that provides an abundance of job opportunities is healthcare.

The work you get to do in this field involves a great deal of collaboration with similar professionals in order to heal and educate patients on how to improve their lives so that they can enjoy a longer one. Take a look below at some of the great careers you can pursue by entering the world of healthcare.


Certain occupations revolve around improving the health of certain parts of the body. Dentists, for example, are tasked with updating the look and state of our teeth so that they stay in shape, as well as in our mouths. Tasks that dentists must take on include extracting unhealthy teeth, filing cavities, and fitting dentures to help teeth get back in the shape they were once in.

If you want to be a professional such as this Newark dentist, you will have the chance to treat a variety of oral problems and diseases that can have a negative impact on our teeth and gums. You may have to work on patients who require oral surgeries to fix their mouths, or perhaps just a straightening of their teeth.

Physical Assistant

Some positions available to people who want to enter the health world are designed to learn under more experienced professionals before you’re ready to move up in the ranks. One example is physical assistants, who work with other medical professionals to provide diagnosis for different illnesses, as well as perform procedures that they might perform on their own one day.

Being a physical assistant also grants you the opportunity to work in a variety of facilities, from large hospitals to smaller healthcare centers for senior citizens. This expands your options for jobs as you move along in the field. Tasks with this job also include guiding patients in the recovery process, which lets you develop relationships with them and their families, which can then lead to recommendations for your services down the line if you do well.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)

If you’re ready to take on larger responsibilities, then we recommend finding work as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). This option puts the responsibilities of primary and preventive care on your shoulders, which include treating and diagnosing illnesses, managing chronic diseases, and educating other doctors on what to do in certain situations.

The options for careers you have when you become an APRN come in different forms, such as nurse practitioner, nurse anesthtetist, nurse midwife and clinical nurse practitioner. Some of these jobs require providing care over a long period of time, sometimes years, while others only require performing procedures once or twice. It all depends on how severe the issue is, which means more options are available to make money.


Some medical professionals are tasked with helping people of certain ages. When it comes to improving the health of children, pediatricians are assigned with addressing their physical and emotional well-being. Some kids may only require assistance once or twice in their life, while others will require assistance for particular conditions until they enter their early adulthood. So, make sure that you like dealing with kids before taking on this role.

A variety of specialties are involved with being a pediatrician, such as oncology, neonatology, hematology and psychiatry. This means that you’ll be dealing with kids who are having both physical and emotional issues that require the care of someone who can communicate with them in a way that they can understand, thus helping them recover and enjoy the rest of their lives.


Some people who enter the health world are more interested in treating mental and emotional issues, though the study of how physical complications relate to them is still required. Those who fall into this category should consider becoming a psychiatrist, a profession that involves treating a variety of complications, such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, anxiety and depression, all of which have major impacts on people’s long-term health.

Those who take on this role will be able to work in more than just hospitals, as schools, non-profits and social work facilities rely on psychiatrists to help people deal with emotional problems so that they can continue doing their jobs or learning at school. This allows you to have a great range with using your skills.

Consider these options so that you can make a good living improving people’s lives.