4 IT Management Mistakes That Should Not Be Made

When it comes to IT management mistakes, even the simplest one possibly can lead to huge problems for the business. It is really important to be sure that IT infra operations are properly handled and that everything works as it should. 

While the most common mistake is quite obvious, having staff members that are not good at their job, there are others that are not so obvious. This is what we will talk about in the following paragraphs. 

The Vendor Lock-In

The vendors often lure businesses with endless promises and low prices. However, after the contract is signed, problems start to appear. The vendors that create a product almost always try to expand inside your business. IT managers always start with really good intentions but after some time, the vendor simply cannot be replaced. 

A huge problem in this case is that a vendor ends up controlling IT assets. This can bring in a huge pricing leverage. The number one reason why IT managers lose their job is being involved in such a vendor mismanagement. 

Thinking The Cloud Is A Data Center Extension

One thing that few people know is that one cloud server has a stability that is lower than a virtual machine or a server that is privately managed. You get the huge cloud uptime because of the fact that new servers are dynamically provisioned in order to replace the servers that failed. 

Usually, if you just use the cloud and you do not actually understand it, a crash comes out of the blue. The cloud server is not just a machine that is present in the data center. The main priority when you move to the cloud is to optimize the entire environment. Then, you need to monitor cloud costs as they can get really higher than you might initially think. 

Business Case Over-Engineering

CIOs from all around the world are used to build a very solid business case whenever a large IT spend is necessary. This means they spend a lot of time assembling presentations, crunching numbers and researching available options. Obviously, this is a waste of time. 

Do not think that the business case is not important. It is because of the fact that it will show if an idea is viable or not. However, when there is no business leader that is fully committed to the new capabilities that become available, to leverage them, the process will fail. 

Whenever the business case is presented, there have to be executives that stand up and that support you. If not, expenses are rarely approved. 

Promoting A Wrong Internal Candidate

The last severe IT management mistake that has to be highlighted is just as bad as hiring someone that is not as good as needed. Many companies work hard to build a loyal team so they offer internal promotion opportunities. Promoting the wrong internal candidate is a really big mistake that should not be made. 

Promoting a candidate from within is almost always a wonderful policy for an IT software company. But this should only happen because of the right reasons.