the future of IT is cloud computing

It won’t be a surprise to any business owner to find out that IT is essential to the smooth day-to-day functions of a company. Few businesses in the modern age can get by without a working network, databases of key information, and their own software. In truth, there is a lot to stay on top of and although you can pay top dollar to have all the best services, as a business owner you are also going to need to be on top of matters.

If your priorities aren’t right, your oversight of an IT network can cause difficulties all too easily, putting at risk the successful functioning of your business itself. It is important to stay aware of the most important aspects of digital best practice.

Modernize Your Infrastructure

Hardware and software developers never stop thinking of ways to fine tune the products they create, and new updates are released on a regular basis. If you’ve owned some sort of computer or other device recently, you know that software updates happen regularly. These are required to keep your infrastructure up to date, secure and running smoothly. A regular software audit is essential to ensure you’re running the right version of any software you use. Be sure you’re running updates outside of working hours to minimize the impact of downtime on your company.

It’s not just the software you need to keep current, either. Hardware such as PCs and peripherals (including printers and routers) need to be up to standard, too. Technology moves fast, and if your machines can’t keep up you’ll struggle to compete in the modern market.

Don’t Assume You Are Secure

You’ve no doubt heard the cliche that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is true of a business network, too. You can’t assume that your network is protected just because the machines are new and come with the latest protections. Carrying out a network assessment with a dedicated specialist is essential; if done on a regular basis they will identify areas that could benefit from simplification, consolidation, or any other strengthening opportunities that are available.

Value IT Strategy

Without functional IT support, a business will find it difficult to survive and thrive in a competitive world. An IT strategy is therefore essential to keep you moving forward, focusing on what your business needs from a technological standpoint. The intention behind an IT strategy is IT capability. What does your business need from its tech? How can that be achieved?

Backup Your Data

No matter the size of your company, you are never too big to fall victim to a data breach or a major loss of data. Huge global businesses have been harmed by insecure data, so it is vital to make sure you backup your data on a regular basis; every 24 hours after close of business is a good place to start. If you lose data, you can lose not only the ability to contact and maintain smooth operations with your customers, you could potentially lose their confidence and with it potentially your business as a whole.

Following the above practices won’t just keep your company secure, it will allow you to traverse the tricky terrain of information technology like a digital native. Adopt these best practices to start your journey to great IT.