5 Factors That Could Be Weakening Your Cybersecurity

We’re all sharing more data online than ever before. But unfortunately, cyber crime is on the rise. Phishing attacks have reached an all-time high, so data security is more important than ever as digital interactions (and attacks) increase. 

Hackers use sophisticated methods to breach defenses and access data. Being aware of security threats is essential to protect your business. 

Here are five of the most common system weaknesses that hackers can exploit.


Employees are a valuable asset for a business, but they can be a liability when it comes to cybersecurity. Over 90% of cyber attacks begin with phishing emails. These emails encourage the user to share data, give information, or click links that give access to your systems. 

To prevent your employees from inadvertently exposing your systems, give employees training in spotting these emails, and always use spam filters.

Unsecured Networks

Unsecured networks are a target. To keep hackers out, you can use a VPN, implement multi-factor authentication, and introduce policies that govern the use of personal devices. Make employees aware of regulations and protocols, and train them in other common, necessary cybersecurity practices.

Unmonitored Systems

An unmonitored system is appealing to hackers. If you monitor your systems round-the-clock, you can detect threats as early as possible. If you don’t have access to 24-hour monitoring, look for a reputable IT company that offers tailored cybersecurity services. A professional IT provider can assess your existing measures and make recommendations based on your requirements and budget.

Not Using Backups

If a hacker finds a way to infiltrate your site, you can lose a lot of data, especially in the case of a ransomware attack. In order to keep your data safe, you should be using off-site backups of your website and any important data. Regular backups should be part of your cybersecurity plan, but these backups must be secure, monitored, and updated regularly, or they can be a security risk instead of an asset.

Poor Password Security

Weak passwords are another easy entrance for hackers to take advantage of. Password security must be taken seriously. Require employees to use strong passwords that meet certain requirements, such as minimum character counts, combining letters, numbers, and special characters, and not using recognizable words.

Strong passwords should be used for all devices across your business, and for logging into any systems or VPNs. For extra security, require multiple layers of authentication. As well as entering a password, this could include passcodes sent to phones to confirm the identity of the user, or through biometrics like fingerprints. Two-step authentication should be the absolute minimum for any system or device used by your company.

Hackers will target a business of any size, across all kinds of different sectors, looking for useful data or opportunity to extract money from companies. Cyber criminals are creative and will seize on any sign of weakness in your network. If you are looking to strengthen your security strategy, you should take action immediately before a hacker takes advantage of any weaknesses.

The best way to strengthen your cybersecurity and to fill in any gaps in the security of your system is to work with an experienced managed IT services provider. These experts can help you to make life harder for hackers, so you aren’t an easy target.