Your Guide to Custom Cabinets

You could do what most people do and go down to the hardware store and buy a bunch of standard cabinets for your home. But where’s the luxury in that? What you really want is something bespoke that actually meets your needs.

That’s why custom cabinets come in. They’re functional, can go in virtually any room (including the kitchen, bathroom, and utility room) and they look great too. What’s not to like?

In this post, we guide you through the process of choosing custom cabinets for your home. Here’s what you need to know:

Decide Which Features You Need

Before you consider style, you’ll need to think carefully about the features that you want. After all, while custom cabinets look great, their primary function is to store all your household items. You want something that keeps all your stuff organized, allowing you to find what you need fast.

Stock cabinets perform poorly in this regard. Most come with a couple of shelves and leave you to figure out the rest. But custom cabinets flood you with options. Here are some of the storage features you might want to consider:

  • Specially-built shelves: Perhaps the standard two or three shelves in standard cabinets are the wrong shape. With custom cabinets, you just tell the cabinet maker how many shelves you need, and they do the rest for you.
  • Pull-out shelves: Sometimes you need pull-out shelves that make it easier to access items at the back of the cabinet
  • Plate racks: If you’re building custom cabinets in the kitchen, installing plate racks can be a nice touch. This way, you can quickly access all the crockery you need.
  • Knife and spice racks: You might also need racks for smaller items, such as your cooking equipment, herbs, and spices.
  • Baskets: In some cases, baskets are more practical than drawers. You can just pick them up and carry them to where you need them most.
  • Door shelves: In some cases, you’ll want storage options built into the door of the cabinets themselves. These are hard to find on standard designs, but easy when you go bespoke.

When it comes to storage options, cabinet makers are usually very adaptable. Just tell them what you need and they will come up with a solution for you.

Choose The Style of Your Cabinets

The next step of the process is to choose the style of your cabinets: their finish. Primarily, you’ll be choosing the facade and door styles you want, since most of the actual structure of the cabinets will remain hidden.

There are multiple cabinet styles from which to choose:

  • Traditional: These usually feature lots of intricate details, with colors ranging from creams to reds
  • Shaker cabinets: Suitable for neutral kitchens, usually white or gray
  • Rustic: Raw wood-effect finish. Pairs well with thick brass handles
  • Slab: Modern look using synthetic materials. Easy to maintain.
  • Country: Timeless classic style that sometimes features a distressed paint effect

Choosing custom cabinets is actually much easier than most people think. Once you know the features you want, it’s just a matter of picking a style that suits your home, and that’s it!