You Deserve a Vacation

The stress resulting from trials and troubles that you handle daily could be decreasing your quality of life. Chronic stress is not only a condition that affects the mental health. It also includes the body’s response to stressors over a long period of time. Wading through unhealthy stressors day after day can lead to higher risks of heart disease, addiction and substance abuse, weakening of the immune system, and damage to muscle tissue. It is important to have the time to escape your worries and stressors–to reflect on your problems, spend time with family and friends, and allow yourself to heal so you can return, ready to work again.

In America

Chronic stress is an epidemic in America. It is the only developed nation that does not have a mandated number of days off for employees. Many employees don’t even have the ability to take paid vacation days, or they want to save the precious few they are given for sick days. Compare that to France’s 25 days off, or the UK’s whopping 28. And this isn’t even including public holidays. It’s no wonder that America’s leading mental illness is anxiety, likely caused in part by a perpetuated lifestyle of stress.

So, what can you do if you need to get away?

Seek Financial Help

The benefits of vacationing and leisurely activity are so strong that some scientists suggest families receive financial aid if they are unable to afford a vacation on their own. It may also be possible for you to find something to do closer to home. This could be cheaper and less of a hassle than getting the whole family ready to go away for a while.

Take to the Beach

Many studies show the positive effects of warm weather on overall health. Exposure to the sun can boost your Vitamin D intake, possibly strengthening your bones and lowering your risks for Rosacea skin irritation and depression. And what better place to bask in the sun than the beach?

Whether it’s swimming, fishing, or playing football, the beach has something for the whole family. If being outdoors gives you a boost of energy, try surfing lessons in Waikiki to get your daily dose of fun and exercise. Learn surfing, SUPping, or body surfing in a group or privately and you’ll find yourself hangin’ loose, like a regular beach bum. Your coworkers won’t even recognize you when you get back!

For more of a history buff, visit Mackinac Island vacation rentals to find the perfect waterfront room with a view. From a Revolutionary War fort to horse-drawn carriages, this island will transport you to a different ear entirely–the perfect escape.

Few things serve the mind and body like a vacation. The health benefits are clear: taking the time for yourself to get away for a bit can help you have a healthier, less stressful life. All it takes is one step toward planning your escape. Book a hotel, register for a tour, reserve a campsite for a hunting trip. Once you take the first step, you can begin to plan the vacation you need and deserve. Once you are refreshed and renewed, you may find that your work seems a little less like work, at least until you find you are ready for another vacation!