Why You Should Consider a Profession in Medicine

The medical field is more than just what we see on television. It’s not all gorgeous doctors, dramatic cases and stubborn with patients. Most of the time, working within the medical field is far from glamorous. However, the medical field has also been found by many to be incredibly rewarding, as it allows them the opportunity to help others. If you’re someone who seeks to help others, then a profession in medicine may be the right path for you. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a profession in the field of medicine.

You don’t necessarily need a medical degree in undergrad

One of the nicest aspects of working in the medical field is the fact that you don’t have to pursue a medical degree in undergrad if you eventually want to work in the medical field. Oftentimes, ambitious young freshman interested in a career in medicine think that the only route that’ll lead to this is by taking a pre-med track. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most medical schools and programs really only want to see that you’ve got the necessary prerequisites to get into their program. Of course, if you choose English as your major, don’t be surprised if you aren’t accepted into medical school. However, if you received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and had the necessary prerequisites in biology and chemistry to get into medical school, then you should be fine. So if you’re interested in pursuing medicine but are intimidated by a pre-med track, pick a different major and make sure you cover the prerequisites. You can even take a What Should I Major In Quiz to see what major would fit your interests and skills.

Not to mention, there are plenty of ways you can earn a degree in a related medical field and still reach your intended goal. If you’re someone daunted by the prospect of paying for a pricey four-year degree and then more schooling to become a medical professional, there is a medical assistant diploma program that’ll allow you to work and save up money or merely learn from other professionals around you. Taking one of these programs of pursuing an associate’s degree is a great way to get started in the medical field without having to worry about the costly schooling at such a young age.

A medical degree is good no matter the school

Another great aspect of the medical field is that most medical schools are pretty decent. Some are definitely better than others, and some specialize in specific areas. However, a medical degree is still a rather rigorous process. This means that wherever you go to school, you’ll still be met with seasoned professionals as your instructors, difficult classes that’ll prepare you for the field, and plenty of time to practice in hospitals and other medical spheres. No matter the school, you’re still going to be getting a quality education and plenty of hours of experience, so don’t worry if you can’t get into the Harvards or John’s Hopkins of the world.

There are plenty of fields within medicine from which to choose

The field of medicine also has very diverse options for areas of specialization and practice. Not everyone who goes to medical school studies to be a generalist who studies multiple different areas. Some have their heart’s set on being neurosurgical specialists. The beauty of medicine is that it’s such a complex subject and it would be impossible for one person to know everything about every aspect of the body. This is why people become specialized within different fields of study in medicine. If you’re interested in the musculoskeletal system, orthopedic care may be the field for you. If you’re interested in finding the next best thing for diabetics in terms of prescription medication, a career as pharmaceutical professionals may better suit you. That’s what’s so wonderful about medicine: the fact that you can pursue one of many different types of medicine and really become an expert at it.

There’s a rewarding feeling to your work

For many, becoming a medical professional is mostly due to their need to feel fulfilled in their work. They want to feel as though their work is going towards the greater good of humanity and that it makes a difference in other people’s lives. This rewarding feeling is less about self-gratification and pride and more about the fact that they’re leaving a positive impact on the world. Entering the medical field can be scary, as a lot rides on your shoulders, but it can also be so rewarding to see a patient improve based on your help.

The pay and benefits are usually good

Though this isn’t always the focus for anyone entering a career, it’s nice to know that certain fields have relatively secure pay and benefits. Because of the amount of schooling and interning one must do to become a medical professional, it puts you above other careers in terms of amount of time spent on honing your craft. This means your time is more valuable from the standpoint of an employer. It’s generally expected that the more schooling or experience one has, the better the paycheck they can receive. Someone who went to school for seven years to become an oral or facial reconstructive surgeon is going to make more than someone who studies French poetry for four years. Also, working for a medical office or hospital means that you would receive benefits and since you’re working for a medical provider, your benefits will most likely be good too. These are very important factors to consider when deciding on a job or career as they’ll affect your everyday life.

Work-life balance may lack, but the company knows that

This is a common complaint from many in the medical field. Work-life balance is very important, but as medical professionals work odd, long hours, it can be difficult not to blur the two. That’s why it’s important that companies know this fact. They’ll oftentime offer opportunities for their employees to take fitness classes, use a gym to maintain their health, win tickets to a play or game, or some other activity outside of work so that the employees are prioritizing their personal life at times. This isn’t only important for sanity’s sake, it matters as employees are more productive when they have a positive life away from work. As a company, it’s vital to keep employees happy and productive, so providing these services is a no-brainer.

There’s plenty of potential for upward mobility and mentorship

Lastly, the medical field is great because it provides plenty of opportunities for upward mobility and mentorship. As you’re at work surrounded by other professionals who have the same degrees and passions as you, but maybe with more experience, you’ll have the opportunity to find mentors who can teach and guide you along your career path. Likewise, further schooling and experience is great for moving up in your career. Other fields offer little to no upward mobility, as it often depends on luck. In medicine, there’s always a need for more or new doctors and professionals. Gaining further education and experience will merely give you the boost you’ll need to be accepted for these higher positions.