What You Should Know About Digital Marketing and Your Home Improvement Business

Digital marketing has changed the way business is done and how consumers find companies. Running a home improvement business can be tough as there are so many aspects to manage. Marketing could be the last thing on your mind when you are overrun with projects. Digital marketing will be a huge help in driving in new customers when things are slow. You want to have a full schedule that includes multiple projects as you likely will be using subcontractors for certain aspects of a project. The following are tips to help you with digital marketing for your home improvement business. 

The Website Should Have a Goal of Setting Appointments 

The website needs to be seamless and simple for easy navigation. Customers will want to see examples of projects that you have completed in the past. The homepage image can include one of your best projects but other completed projects should be highlighted on a separate page. You do not want your homepage to have a slow loading time as this will impact your search engine rankings negatively. Setting appointments is important as most people will want some sort of estimate before deciding to hire your company for a renovation project. Price per square foot calculators for certain projects can also be useful. Some customers might think that a project will cost far more than it actually will. 

Online Reviews Matter

The best thing that you can do is to encourage happy customers to write reviews. Angie’s List is a great platform for this although Google Business Reviews can work wonders as well. Incentivizing customers to do this can be a discount on a future project or some kind of gift card. Consumers flock to online platforms to see reviews of businesses that they are thinking of working with. Home improvement professionals vary in quality with some being less than ethical. A number of positive reviews can help melt away the apprehension of a potential customer to enter into an agreement. 

Content Marketing Can Drive Search Engine Rankings 

Content marketing can be immensely useful when it comes to your home improvement business. Guides to what you should do before a renovation is something that can help potential customers. Having related websites link to content on your website can help drive search engine rankings. Email outreach to contribute content to relevant websites can also be efficient when it comes to building these backlinks. Specific articles like that of how to prepare for bathtub refinishing or what to expect can drive relevant traffic. Getting ahead in content marketing can allow you to stay ahead of competitors if they haven’t been leveraging digital marketing to grow their business. Focus on quality content instead of generic articles as consumers want  content directly related to their situation. 

Running your own business means that you have to have a strategy for a variety of areas. Looking into marketing agencies can be helpful as digital marketing should be left up to the professionals.