What you need to know about Kratom tea?

Are you keen to find out more about Kratom tea? Are you eager to try it to see if you can obtain the overall health benefits of Kratom? Thankfully, there are several recipes available that make it possible to make Kratom tea within minutes that allow you to enjoy its flavor as well as access all of the benefits  that could improve your health. 

You might be curious about what exactly makes Kratom tea a popular drink in some parts of the world. One of the major reasons why so many people from all corners of the world consume Kratom tea is because of its overall similarity to coffee. It is estimated that around 64 percent of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day. While coffee has its downsides when it comes to consuming it on a daily basis, Kratom tea is famous for its benefits to the body.

What is Kratom Tea?

Kratom tea is a hot beverage that is made out of crushing Kratom leaves – delivering a myriad of potential health benefits. Kratom tea is known to be highly effective in allowing the body to absorb the alkaloids of Kratom delivering tons of health benefits –right from relieving pain to reducing anxiety, uplifting mood, improving sleep, and much more. 

Preparing Kratom Tea

Most of the benefits obtained from the beverage would depend on how you prepare the Kratom tea –along with the overall size of the dose. Kratom tea can be easily prepared with both Kratom leaves & Kratom powder. Most people tend to prefer using powder in comparison to the leaves as it is easier to use.

Usually, when someone is preparing kratom tea, he or she will brew the kratom powder while adding different tea bases including green, black, herbal or oolong teas. The overall effects of both kratom tea and kratom powder are known to complement each other while creating a favorable experience when brewed together.

How to Make Kratom Tea?

The process of brewing kratom tea is known to involve the tea of your preference, hot water, and kratom powder. It is important to take into consideration over-boiling or under-boiling the tea along with the total content of Kratom powder added to the tea. 

Here are some basic steps that you are required to follow while preparing Kratom tea for yourself:

  • As per the general guideline, it is recommended that you should take 0.5 grams of Kratom powder in around one cup of boiling water. The more water you are going to use, the lighter the overall flavor you can expect. 
  • Add kratom powder into some large container or cup and pour in hot, boiling water. Stir the powder until it gets mixed thoroughly.
  • Allow the given solution to cool down to the right temperature before you go ahead with brewing the tea.
  • You can consider adding sweeteners like honey, Stevia, or sugar for improving the overall taste. 

Enjoy your warm cup of kratom tea prepared to your taste. By doing so, you get to enjoy its wide range of health benefits that Kratom has to offer. If you are looking for fresh Kratom leaves or powder, you can get them here!