What Types of Equipment Can I Store in a Storage Unit?

Background image of cardboard boxes stacked by open door of self storage unit, copy space

​​A storage unit can be a great place to store equipment, whether you need a place to keep equipment temporarily while moving or months for your equipment needs. While equipment is commonly stored in storage units, it is important that you understand what types of equipment can be safely placed into storage. This will help ensure that the equipment is safe and secure while it’s being stored, and also keeps you from accidentally storing equipment that should not be placed into storage at all.

Many types of equipment are perfectly fine for storage inside a self storage unit. Some common items include: furniture, household appliances, seasonal equipment such as lawn mowers, athletic equipment such as skis and golf clubs, tools & power equipment, large appliances such as washers and dryers, and equipment such as kayaks and bicycles.

Large equipment such as cranes, construction equipment, and other large equipment may not be suitable for storage inside a self storage unit. Instead, the equipment should be kept outside of the unit. It is important to note that any equipment that could potentially damage the storage unit or items placed into storage should be kept outside of the unit. For example, hauling around extremely heavy equipment on top of your storage unit can cause damages to the roofing surface. 

Additionally, storing dusty equipment inside a clean self storage unit can lead to dust build up within your unit which reduces air quality for other items being stored in the same area. The best course of action is to keep extremely heavy equipment off or away from the storage unit. Always consult your local self storage manager for equipment storing guidelines specific to your facility.

Overall, equipment can be stored in a storage unit safely and securely with proper equipment guidelines from your local self storage company. If you have any further questions about whether equipment is safe or secure for storage inside a self storage unit, feel free to contact Protection Self Storage today! They would be happy to help you store equipment safely and securely.