What is the ‘Internet of Things’ and How Will it Affect My Life?

The Internet of things, or IoT, as it is also known, is a new digital concept that will take us to the next level by using a 5G platform that will connect every single digital device to a single network. Vehicles, appliances, computers, networks, traffic management systems, household gadgets, and of course, humans, will all be connected 24/7 with this new digital platform.

The Risks

Several prominent tech gurus have said there are risks of hackers gaining access to any of the devices on the network, yet the cyber-security sector is working hard to come with a 100% security solution, which will likely involve blockchain technology.

The Many Benefits

Now we get to the good part, and the benefits include things like:

  • Having your vehicle started in the morning – with automatic climate control.
  • Automatic climate control at home – System can be set to come on 20 minutes before you arrive home, and if you’re late, the system will know as your car is connected to the network.
  • Road safety – If every single vehicle is on the grid, AI can ensure that no vehicles come within a specific distance from each other. Some experts say this will completely eliminate road traffic accidents, and with driverless cars, this might very well be the case, as we are taking the human out of the loop and most accidents are down to human error.
  • All Data stored on a secure cloud – This could see the end of cyber-crime, as hacking would be virtually impossible with blockchain technology. You will never again lose digital data, as there is always a cloud back up of everything, smartphone images, social media videos and important work files. If your business could do with the best digital marketing solutions, simply visit https://www.moveaheadmedia.co.uk/, a leading UK SEO provider who delivers the goods.

Potential Issues

Some aspects of the proposed IoT are causing concern among several social groups, relating to:

  • Privacy – This is another contentious issue, with many groups claiming that the IoT would seriously harm a person’s privacy. All will become clear in due time, when we have the entire planet 5g enabled and the network is created, but there is the potential for people to lose some their rights, including their privacy.
  • Security – Everyone is concerned about their critical data, yet tech experts say all will become clear as we near the introduction of the IoT.

Super Data Speed

You will be able to download your favourite movie in less than a second, and that’s the hi-res version (8k) and this is going to revolutionise the way we use the Internet, and this 5G empowered super-highway will encompass every sqaure metre of the planet. Face to face video calls from any location will be standard, with no delay and crystal clear reception.

5G Satellite Coverage

The mogul Elon Musk is currently sending up 60 5G satellites a time with his Space X rocket, which is reusable, and within a couple of years, the entire planet will be receiving 5G signals from these low-orbit satellites.

After a few years if the Internet of Things, we will wonder how we ever managed without it, and hopefully, fears will be quashed and the platform changes our lives for the better.