What is the Difference Between a Charbroiler and a Griddle?

Griddles and charbroilers are essential pieces of equipment in the commercial kitchen. But there are a few differences between them that sets them apart. If you do not want to invest in both and are trying to decide which one is best for you, here are a few differences to look at between a charbroiler and a griddle:

1. Heat Source

The biggest difference between a charbroiler and griddle is their heat source. A charbroiler is powered by gas or electricity and uses an open flame to cook food. A griddle, on the other hand, is usually heated via electric elements that run along the surface of the cooking plate. The differences in the heat source also mean that griddles allow for more precise temperature control than charbroilers.

2. Temperature Range

Charbroilers are typically capable of reaching higher temperatures than a griddle. This is because charbroilers cook food over a direct flame, which allows for more precise temperature control. Griddles are limited in their temperature range by the surface contact with the electric elements and do not get as hot as charbroilers.

3. Cooking Style

Charbroilers allow you to sear or “char” foods, which is ideal for steaks, burgers, and other protein-based items. The direct flame allows you to achieve a crisp outer crust on your food that cannot be achieved with a griddle. Griddles on the other hand provide a more uniform cooking surface that is better suited for pancakes, eggs, and grilled sandwiches.

4. Space

Charbroilers require more space than a griddle. This is because they have an open flame which needs to be safely contained and away from combustible materials. Griddles, on the other hand, are often wall mounted or built into countertops and take up much less space. The amount of space available in your kitchen should be taken into consideration when deciding between a charbroiler and griddle.

Whether you’re running a restaurant or commercial kitchen, knowing the differences between a charbroiler and griddle is essential. Both are widely used pieces of equipment, but they have different applications and will require different settings to achieve optimal results. By understanding these differences you’ll be able to select the right piece of equipment for the job at hand.