What is a Cloud Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialing software allows you to increase the efficiency of outgoing calls by about 30%. A cloud predictive dialer is useful for medium and large call centers with large contact lists and intensive work.

How Predictive Dialing Works

Outbound call center campaigns are more complex than answering incoming calls. When dialing manually, the operator decides which client to call, which of the existing numbers to dial, they choose a suitable time for the call, based on workload and desire.

A predictive dialer is a type of auto-dialer that calculates the required dialing pace, calls several numbers at once, and connects the operator only to the subscriber who answered. Cloud predictive dialer software increases the efficiency of the entire organization and each call center operator in particular.

Clear operation requires the prior collection and arrangement of statistical information about call center operators’ average talking time and the contact rate. Modern systems take several factors into account when calculating the required dialing pace, including:

  • The number of operators, assigned to a predictive dialing campaign;
  • The average duration of the call and after-call work;
  • Contact rate;
  • The number of phone numbers to be called.

How the process works:

As soon as the campaign is started for the first time, the program starts calling the base and analyzes the average time to answer a customer call, the average talking time in a call center team, the average time for an operator to fill out a card, and the percentage of calls in one project. To ensure continuity of sales, the program dials the next client and connects to an available operator. Predictive calling saves operators from under dialing, listening to answering machines and beeps, and instantly connects only to answered calls.

The cloud solution can take into account the time zone and not dial new requests that come in via API, so as not to disturb potential consumers after hours or at night. The program identifies the region by phone number, takes into account the client’s time zone and calls within a set range, for example, from 9 am to 7 pm. If necessary, customer numbers can be hidden from the agent.

By choosing the right cloud solution, the call center has the option to receive detailed reports and updates in your CRM system in real-time. You can compare the intensity of managers’ work, the speed of filling out cards, activity by hours, and so on.

The technical side

Competent use of predictive calling should take into account the specifics of the company and the characteristics of its customers. It is possible to set a time frame to automatically run the call campaign on certain days and hours. This can be only weekdays or, conversely, weekends; morning or evening hours. All settings are aimed at increasing the probability of answered calls. If one client indicated several numbers (home, office, cell phone), you can make an individual setting for dialing each of them.

Significant reduction of time spent on the manual dialing and simultaneous dialing of several numbers ensures better agent occupancy.

Calculation based on statistical data allows the predictive dialing system to determine how many phone numbers to dial for currently available agents.

What it gives to your business

The number of unsuccessful outbound calls per agent shift can be as high as 60%, so it’s bad for your efficiency of sales and telemarketing teams. These include:

  • unanswered calls;
  • disconnected numbers;
  • redirected calls;
  • rejected calls;
  • disruptions and interruptions.

The main purpose of predictive dialing is to connect the operator to a “live” person. This reduces the time spent on each call by several times. The operator does not search or dial a number, he does not need to wait for the connection – the predictive dialing software does it all. The main condition is to set up the campaign correctly in Predictive mode, and make sure there are enough operators to handle it. The operator stays motivated and can handle more calls, consult with customers and make sales without wasting time on repeating dialing activities.

Predictive dialing provides:

  • reduction of operator downtime;
  • uniform distribution of load between employees;
  • exclusion of the human factor (dialing errors, reluctance to call);
  • contact with a “live” client;
  • dialing of all numbers of one client entered in the program (before the result – the answer).

The solution with the predictive dialing mode will get rid of undialed calls and waste time listening to answering machines and ringing tones. With predictive dialing, operators make up to 300 calls a day thanks to underdialer filtering, and also they make more sales. As a result, consumers don’t have to wait in line anymore – the “smart” program automatically distributes the calls.

With VoIPTime Contact Center’s predictive calling feature, operators call contact databases twice as fast and make 300-400 calls per day. VoIPTime customers get more deals with the same number of employees and working hours.