Weight Loss: Why Diet Doesn’t Work

Losing weight and hitting the gym are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, with ½ of American adults looking to lose some of their excess weight. In trying to lose weight, many people turn towards a healthier diet or a more strict exercise routine, but feel defeated when they don’t see the results they expect. This is because weight loss is a complex issue that requires a new complex solution. 

While improving your diet and exercising more can help to shed some extra pounds, many people find that they are not losing the amount that they expected. Often this is because there are other issues that underlie people gaining weight. The most common one of these problems are mental health related. Things like depression cause people to lose the motivation they need to continue losing weight and can even cause physical symptoms that cause overeating. People with mental health issues often have trouble with learning new habits, maintaining motivation, and adopting behaviors that are necessary for weight loss.

In dealing with these complex issues regarding weight loss, there is the need for more complex solutions than just diet and exercise. New holistic methods of weight loss integrate medical practices, mental health resources, as well as healthier lifestyle changes which all work together to address weight loss as well as the reasons that underlie weight gain. With so many people looking to lose weight, it is important to adopt these new solutions to help people feel comfortable in their own skin.

Weight Loss Isn't What You Think​