Website Conversion Tips to Help You Get More Leads

The goal of most websites is to market and advertise a business, while also converting leads (or sales). They all serve a purpose. There is no point in having a website just sit there idle. It can be your best ‘employee’ when optimized correctly, helping you to convert leads 24/7.

The problem is that most businesses don’t have their websites optimized correctly to take advantage of their traffic numbers. Every time someone lands on your website it’s an opportunity to collect a new lead that you can then market to at a later date and eventually turn into a paying customer.

To help you generate more leads on your website here are some optimization tips that you should consider putting into action.

Offer something of value as bait.

There isn’t anyone that is going to visit your website and just voluntarily enter his or her email address into a form without getting anything in return. You have to have something to entice them to hand over their information. The most common piece of bait you can use is an eBook or a case study.

It needs to be based on a topic of interest and it needs to be something so interesting and special that it can’t be found anywhere else. “When you are able to offer something that they cannot turn down you will see your conversion rates shoot through the roof,” says Chris Moberg of Slumber Search, a consumer resource that provides reviews on the best mattress options. “Go above and beyond to give them something of tremendous value and watch how quickly they will submit an email address.”

Include a CTA at the end of each blog post.

If you are publishing content on your blog and it’s attracting organic search traffic then you need to take full advantage of that and include an offer at the end of each post. Something as simple as ‘If you liked this article make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you know when we update the blog’ can help you build your list quickly.

You can also add calls-to-action in the middle of your content, like this blog does, as they place surveys in the middle. Placed at the right time, when the reader is interested and engaged, helps to increase the conversion rate.

If your article provided value the person is going to be interested in reading more and will hand over their email to be alerted of future posts. You can then send them an email thanking them for joining and give them a little background information on your company and explain what you sell or provide.

Use an exit popup offer.

Popups sometimes get a bad name, and they can be annoying if they disrupt a visitor when they are reading content or trying to perform an action on the website.

But popups that are triggered when the person is trying to leave are a great way to help you collect leads. The trick is to give them an offer they cannot pass up. I like the big full-screen exit popups because they force the person to stop what they are doing (leaving your website) and the offer gets all of their attention.

If it is good enough they will convert. Use FOMO (fear of missing out) to your advantage. Making them click on something like ‘No. I hate saving money’ to pass on the offer will push a large percentage of people to convert rather than pass on something they will later possibly regret missing out on. If you want to see a great example of an exit-popup in action, head to Perth Web Design.

Give an instant discount for joining your email list.

If you are running an e-commerce website that sells items, then there isn’t a more powerful offer than a discount. The trick is to make it instant and let them know that they get it right away.

If they have to go check an email or click on a link to activate a discount they are going to pass. Let them know that they get it right away. Something like ‘Enter your email address to instantly reveal a discount code for 20% off right now’ lets them know that they get instant gratification. “We use this approach, and recently a coupon code for firefly 2 has helped us not only attract more email opt-ins, but also many direct sales as well,” says Pedro Del Nero, CEO of e-commerce site Vaporizer Vendor.

If they have any doubt or think they have to jump through hoops to get your offer they will pass. Nobody wants to waste time or run around in circles. Give them what they want right away with as little friction as possible.

Consider gating your most helpful content resources.

If you have some epic pieces of content on your blog that receive a lot of traffic you might want to consider gating it, requiring an email address to read it fully. There are many plugins available that will make the first few paragraphs readable and then it will have a little message like ‘to continue reading please enter your email’ and this simply syncs t your email list.

“We provide our most valuable information and content to our email subscribers,” says Irene McConnell of Arielle Executive. “We may create a specific opt-in form with an offer to access a whitepaper titled, ‘Resume Tips by Arielle Executive’ and use that as incentive to join. This tends to work very well”

This is something you don’t want to do on a new blog with little traffic, but if you have a blog that is pulling in high organic numbers you can quickly spike your lead numbers by rolling this out. If you need help creating content worth of gating, you can check out this service.

Be transparent and let them know what they can expect.

If you have an option to join your newsletter for example, you need to let the person know what they should expect. What do you think will pull in more leads?

‘Join our newsletter!’ or ‘Sign up now to receive tips and breaking news every Friday!’

The second one is very descriptive and the person knows what they are getting. The generic message leaves too much to question. Are you going to spam them? Will they ever hear from you?

You also want to make sure you don’t overwhelm your visitor with too many options. You have to give them one main path to follow on each page. If someone lands on this commercial pest services website, they have one option, and one option only. The visitor will either convert or leave. If they are visiting the website in the first place that means there is already a high likelihood of them converting. The simplicity they encounter increases that even more.

You have to be transparent and let them know when they will hear from you and how often, as well as what to expect each time you email them.