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One of the biggest places that a business can save money in their business is in their IT department. Right now, businesses around the world are relying on their IT more than ever – the pandemic has put so many businesses into remote-working mode that without the right IT company in Washington DC, they’ll struggle. 

Most businesses rely on their technology and the costs are rising as technology changes and that demand grows. Businesses are updating their IT software often, and hardware is also in need of an upgrade every few years to remain efficient for a business.

Cutting IT costs sounds like a big job, but it doesn’t have to be. Realizing that your IT budget is too large is going to mean that you have to take time to sit down and work those costs properly.

Hardware and software need upgrading, and your staff need training whenever there is new software to be managed. So, how is it possible to cut costs for your IT in 2021? Below, we’re answering this question with a list of ways to save money.


Many businesses choose to outsource their IT needs to an external IT company. By not having an on-site team of staff, there are no yearly salary costs, benefit costs, pension costs – it’s all condensed into one sensible fee to an IT company who can manage your entire IT strategy and needs. Outsourcing your IT to external vendors means shopping around for the right team to work with, and you need to find a company that can support your infrastructure. You can make huge savings when you do it!

Invest in the cloud

Yes, you’re spending money here, but investing in cloud storage over huge physical servers not only saves you money in updating the hardware, but it means that you can save money in the team on site running that server, the costs of storing them on site and the utilities costs for round-the-clock running.

Review all your service contracts

Are you currently using an IT company that doesn’t do much? Are you being billed for IT support you didn’t ask for? Look at your current IT vendor and assess whether they are offering you the best possible service. Look to other providers and see whether their prices and services are worth it. If you’re using companies that offer IT on a “as you need help” basis, you will likely be paying way more than necessary for a service that doesn’t offer much.

Look for hidden costs

There can be a lot of hidden costs in IT and you should ensure that you go through every single piece of financial information in your IT department to ensure that you’re not paying out more than you need to.

Restructure the staff

Almost every IT department has more staff than it needs. You could condense your costs by utilizing the services of an external IT company along with one individual on site to tackle hardware issues as they crop up. Reducing your team size is a smart thing to do in a pandemic, too, so make sure that you are clear about how many people you need.