Various Professions you Can Pursue with a Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is perhaps the most versatile of all the fields of study, as it can open so many doors to a wide range of exciting professions, and this is usually a 3-year full time course. To give you some ideas, here are just a few of the careers that a BA can lead to.

  • Media & Communications – The demand for social media content providers and digital marketing creators is very high and if you can keep abreast of the emerging new tech stuff, you can very quickly become an expert. Once you have a few years of hands-on experience under your belt, you could approach a corporation with a view to media management.
  • Anthropology – If you are interested in humanity and its origins, you could pursue a career as an anthropologist, and who knows? You might discover the missing link!
  • Conservation – If you would like to be part of the preservation of our environment, or some amazing pieces of art, conservation would be an ideal career direction to take, and after a few years, you could branch into a specific area.
  • Graphic Design – A very popular and challenging career that combines with digital technology and is something that will always be in demand. If you spent 3 years completing JCU’s Bachelor of Arts program, you could then move into the field of graphic art & design, having learned the necessary theory and would be suitably qualified to start as a junior.
  • Community Work – If you like working with people and helping communities, you can become a social worker, which is a very rewarding way to make a living.
  • Psychologist or Criminologist –This is the kind of job when every day is different and with so much responsibility, the work is challenging and very rewarding. If you are interested in the human brain and how the mind works, psychology is a great thing to learn, while dealing with criminal evidence is also very challenging and can lead to big career opportunities.
  • Historian – History buffs can do what they love and get paid for it too! Working in teams, you would be responsible for making sense of what evidence is available for a specific historical period or event.

The Arts

Of course, the arts include drama, song, music and acting, so if you want to pursue a career in the arts, a BA is ideal. The 3-year full-time program is only one option, as you can take the course on a part time basis, in the evenings and at weekends, depending on your preference.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about the various universities that offer BA courses, an online search is the best place to start, and by finding an institution in your area, attending the classes will not be stressful. Some of the modules can probably be done online, but you would have to attend some classes, and if you create a shortlist of preferred universities, you can visit a few and make your decision. The BA is a great degree to obtain, as it offers so many career opportunities, meaning there will be one that is right for you.