Top 6 Home Upgrades to Improve Your Home Resale Value

Here are the 6 key improvements you can make to increase the resale value of your property now and in the future:

real estate home resale value

real estate home resale value

When it comes to selling your home, you want it to look its best so it can get the best price. With the right amount of work put into the right areas, your home can have a major increase in value. But before you go all out on a full home makeover, you want to strategize about what upgrades will make the biggest impact on your home value.

In order to get the most out of your home sale, there are key improvements you can make to increase the price of your property now and in the future. Here are the top six home upgrades to improve your home resale value.

Update the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any house, which means it’s likely to get some wear and tear over time. Depending on when the last kitchen renovation was, you might only need to make a few upgrades and adjustments in order to make your kitchen look brand new again. 

New cupboards, for example, can really help bring the interior of the space back to life. Dated cabinets can give the entire kitchen an old look. Keeping the kitchen updated is important, so try to find styles that are going to be timeless. With modern European cabinets, you can add a fresh look to your kitchen that will give a sleek appearance for years to come. 

New Kitchen Appliances

New kitchen appliances can make a big difference in the look and use of a kitchen. Kitchen appliances can be another feature of the home that gets used quite frequently, so finding newer options that reduce energy usage can lower utility bills. 

A good way to expand the lifespan of your appliances after replacing them is by making sure you’re cleaning and doing any maintenance on a regular basis. Don’t let old grime build up on the interior of an oven, or a fridge filter go way too long without replacement. This could cause damage to the appliances and shorten their lifespan.

Renovate the Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are something you may need to do as often as 10-15 years. You can often make minor replacements periodically, but if your bathroom is looking very dated, it is probably worth it to look at more extensive changes. Over a decade, styles and colors of tiles, countertops, and walls can go out of fashion. 

Whether it’s a bathtub that’s seen better days or the toilet that fails to flush, it’s worth renovating your bathroom when needed and when you’re financially able to do so. For inspiration, look at what hotels are doing with their bathroom spaces.

Front Landscaping

Homeowners can often forget about the value of the exterior. These are some of the most important aspects of the home, as it’s the first thing prospective buyers will see. By creating an inviting and well-designed exterior, it’s going to make a good impression and bump up the price.

Put in new bushes and yard features that look nice and are easy to maintain across all seasons. If you’ve been longing to pave over a strip of lawn to create more driveway space, now is the time to do it. Utilize the outdoor space you have and make it into something that’s functional and beautiful. 

New Technology

A lot of buyers nowadays are looking for properties that have that make life a lot easier. So, where possible, it’s good to add in these new appliances. This could be a high-tech smart thermostat, a new washer and dryer, or an upgraded home security system. 

Remember to go for quality for upgrading home appliances that are going to get the most use. These can be a big selling point if they are of the high-quality that can remain a permanent feature for future homeowners of the property. 

Wood Floors Instead Of Carpet

Carpets are great for keeping the home warm and provide that extra comfort on your feet. However, spills, pets, and stains over time can age a carpet fast. It might be worth replacing certain main areas with wooden flooring to help boost its value and appeal.

Families with kids or pets will appreciate how much easier it is to clean wooden floors and carpets. Wood floors are also great because unlike trendy carpet colors or styles, they will last for many years and fit with any decor. If insulation is a concern, you’ve also got the option of adding in underfloor heating to wood flooring.

These six home upgrades are sure to add some value at least to your property, should you wish to sell it at any point now or in the future.