The market for beverages is booming with nonalcoholic beverage sales totaling $919 billion! While there are many options of drinks  for consumers to choose from, some beverage trends were more substantial than others:

Functional Waters

The rise in functioning waters has to do with consumers turning away from sugary drinks such as soda and choosing sparkling or still herbal-infused water. Many of these waters include vitamins, minerals, herbs, and fruits which are greatly beneficial for consumers’ nutrition. Functional water sees the most popularity among working-class and millennials

Organic Beverages

Organic beverages and smoothies also saw a rise due to their health benefits. Organic juices are preferred by consumers for their naturally flavored products that are sugar-free and caffeine-free. Many brands are offering organic beverages as customers are becoming more and more health-conscious and prefer drinks that will address their specific wellness goals. 

Ready To Drink Coffee

The convenience of ready to drink coffee led to sales skyrocketing during the pandemic where stay at home orders made it difficult for customers to visit their favorite coffee shop. The ready to drink coffee market offers many new innovative products such as ground mushroom coffee that keeps consumers interested and coming back for more. 


Ready to drink tea is also a new trend as people are looking for caffeine free energy boosts during their day. Ready to drink tea also comes in a wide variety of flavors and styles so that anybody can enjoy a great drink with a natural energy boost. Consumers are also showing higher preferences for herbal teas as awareness for healthy lifestyles is increasing across the population.

Ready To Drink Cocktails

Consumers are making the switch to brands that are offering good-for-you ingredients like fruits and berries in their drinks. Many ready to drink cocktails are offered with these ingredients in new and interesting combinations that keep the consumer interest growing.

The Rise of the Mocktail