Top 5 Most Expensive Cars to Repair

Many factors determine the cost of repairing a car. These include:

  • The make
  • Model
  • Year of the vehicle
  • Type of engine
  • Whether or not it has received a modification, and 
  • Parts needed for repairs 

The higher-end models with more expensive engines are generally more costly to fix and take into an auto body repair shop due to their complexity, and this article will focus on five of these cars that top the list when it comes to high repair costs.

BMW: $17,800

The BMW is the most expensive car to repair in this top five list. This German auto manufacturer has built a reputation for precision and quality manufacturing, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune from problems! 

The average cost of repairing an engine for one of these autos is $17,800 (USD). If there’s a problem with the body, you can expect to pay an average of $14,990.

Mercedes-Benz: $12,900

The Mercedes-Benz brand is expensive to maintain because not only are spare parts very costly, but labor costs also can be high. The average cost of a diagnostic for this luxury car is around $90, and the most common repair is replacing engine oil at an average price of $40 per quart. 

Cadillac: $12,500

The Cadillac is one of the most expensive cars to fix. The car can cost up to $12,500 for a basic repair such as changing an oil filter or repairing a broken headlight bulb. In addition, you will need between $25-$200 depending on the issue to get your A/C running again after it breaks down due to lack of maintenance.

The Cadillac has a complicated engine that can cost up to $200,000 more if it needs an overhaul. The car’s transmission costs between $25 and $3500 for repairs- not including the labor required. 

Volvo: $12,500

The Volvo has one of the highest repair costs because its models are unique. It’s also a very safe car, but it is more expensive to fix than other vehicles on this list. The price range for repairs can vary from $12,500-$22,000, depending on problems present. This makes it difficult to estimate the cost when compiling an insurance rate or figuring out how much you’ll need in your emergency fund just for repairs alone.

Audi: $12,400

Audi is a German-based luxury car company. The average cost of repairing an Audi ranges from $12,400-$14,900, and that’s not including labor. This makes it one of the most expensive cars out there. 

In addition, audis are known for their high quality and complicated designs, which often leads to higher costs when they’re getting repaired. This brand has a wide range of vehicles so that you can find something at any budget level, but they all share this same expensive problem with repairs due to how well-built they are in general – no matter what kind you buy!

The cost of repairs for these five luxury carmakers can vary depending on the type and severity of damage to the vehicle. Generally, a BMW repair will be more expensive than those from Toyota or Honda.

Additionally, accidents that include fire-related incidents are also much higher in price due to extensive damages required to rebuild parts such as an engine compartment that may have sustained significant heat. Luxury cars with turbocharged engines often need pricey repairs because they use oil faster than other types of vehicles.