Tips for Getting Your Business on Social Media

Social media rules the world we live in today. Businesses like yours should be capitalizing on the opportunities social media can bring. But, it takes the right know-how to develop a successful strategy that will resonate with customers. Use the following tips when defining your social media strategy and setting up your accounts to get the most out of social media.

Before You Get Started

Develop your strategy. This is the single most important thing to do before you start writing any actual posts. You’ll want to take a look at who your target audience is, develop a brand voice to use on social media, and research what your competitors are doing. We also recommend developing a strategy on how and when to address comments on your posts, as it’s important to use social media for keeping the conversation going. This will help guide you when making posts and creating your calendar for the month.

Not Every Channel is Right for Every Business

That’s right, not every social media channel will work for your business. First, you have to think about your products and audience and what channels they may want to see you on. Facebook tends to be very versatile, and works for most businesses since a large chunk of the world’s population uses this channel. LinkedIn tends to be a good channel for those in the B2B space. Instagram is a great place to promote B2C products, like food, or clothing as a couple examples; and tends to be hard for B2B businesses to delve into. Twitter can be tricky, and requires frequent updates to really make an impact, and tends to be best for B2C services and products.

Don’t waste your time on channels that won’t give you the returns you’re looking for. Using the wrong channels won’t negatively impact you, however, it won’t gain the engagement or visibility you’re looking for.Instead, focus your energy on crafting engaging posts for the channels you do use.

Posting Frequencies

Finding the right cadence to send out posts is beneficial, because too many posts can lead to audience members leaving, while too little will result in little visibility for your brand. Always look to put quality content out over quantity. So while you can post everyday, unless you’re offering something of value we tend to advise against. For platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, 2-3 posts per week tends to be perfect. If you have the content, Instagram can be a great platform to post to everyday, or at least 4 times a week. Because Twitter is so timely, posting multiple times per day tends to be the best; however this platform may have small returns for the amount of effort applied depending on your business.

Finding Content to Share

Much like picking the right social media channels, you’ll want to take a look at your product offerings and pick the right content to share. If your business is in the B2B space, you’ll likely want to reach thought leaders and upper level management with your posts. Things like infographics, informative videos, helpful blogs, and other content sharing industry insights tend to work well for B2B-focused businesses.

B2C businesses tend to be successful in sharing products, demo videos, fun and engaging polls, company-related holidays, helpful blogs and user-generated content. It’s important to note that videos work well for any business-type and tend to garner great engagement. Posting organic content around your office or of employees and customers usually resonates well with audiences too.

Keeping Your Brand Top of Mind

Social media marketing is a vital component of any business strategy and a great way to stay present in the mind’s of users. Be sure to keep these things in mind before you get started, it can make all the difference. And remember, social media is a great place for your business to connect, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to spark the conversation with your audience.