These 2 states are the only ones left that don’t require car insurance

Only Virginia and New Hampshire still allow motorists the choice of whether or not to buy car insurance. Every other state in the Union now mandates that if you are a motorist and own a vehicle you must show proof of car insurance. Those caught driving without such proof can be subject to heavy fines and penalties, up to and including jail time.

In Florida, for instance, each driver must have a minimum of ten-thousand dollars in coverage for property damage, and another ten-thousand dollars in insurance to cover personal injury incidents.

Bodily injuries liability insurance is not required, but most insurance and medical experts recommend that drivers take out such insurance in states like Florida, where hazardous traffic conditions because of weather and demographics are slightly higher than the national average according to lawyers in Boca Raton. Such insurance will cover the balance of any accident-related medical and dental bills, thus helping motorists avoid being sued by aggressive insurance companies and their eager beaver lawyers.

Even though most states now mandate no-fault car insurance, that doesn’t mean you will never need to consult a lawyer about an accident you are involved in. Especially if you are the victim, you need to consult with an experienced insurance attorney who can recommend the appropriate course of action to make sure your rights are fully protected and proper compensation is provided. It never hurts to have an experienced expert on your side.