The Strong Will of Barbara Stokes

Who is Barbara Stokes?

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes LLC. This is a company that is based in Huntsville, and Stokes founded this company with her husband. Stokes graduated from Mercer University with a degree in Biomedical engineering and physics. Stokes is also a devoted mother of three children, and she is a person who is dedicated to finding work/life balance. Stokes is also a woman who has a firm dedication to volunteering in her local community. Stokes starts her days off early in the morning and she generally ends them late at night. She plans her days so that she can spend the most amount of time possible with her children. Being with her family and volunteering whenever possible are two things that help Stokes to relieve stress.

What is Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC About?

Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC is a company that provides permanent housing and commercial buildings that are designed and engineered with innovation. These are structures that are built for communities and for people who find themselves in need after a disaster. Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC is a company that has worked closely with FEMA to provide permanent and housing solutions to areas that have been through disasters.

What Is New with Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC?

Recently, Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC received a $28 million dollar grant from the federal government to build modular buildings for the areas in Texas that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. This is an area that is still struggling to recuperate after the devastation, and several families still find themselves without permanent housing. These modular structures have to be completed by march of 2018 according to the grant.

How Does Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC Get Its Ideas?

Stokes attributes GSH’s innovative ideas to her talented staff. These are hard-working individuals who are dedicated to the company’s success and purpose. Stokes works closely with her team each day in order to see the ideas that are brought up, and she is also a huge force in helping her team’s plans come to fruition. GSH has a team of individuals who are constantly looking for better ways to create products; they are committed to finding more innovative ways to make their homes more durable and comfortable.

How Has Barbara Stokes Found Success as an Entrepreneur?

Stokes believes that a good way to be successful is by surrounding yourself with the right people. She believes in not only being around them, but also in listening to them. Stokes believes in the importance of taking time out for family and giving back to the community whenever it is possible. Stokes believes that a person should never underestimate what she can accomplish when she is willing to work hard and put in the time to make things happen. Stokes makes it her goal to stay ahead of where her business is heading. She knows that her employees are the lifeblood of her company, so she tries to give them the best work environment possible; in that way, employees are happy, and they will work as a strong team.

Success as a Female CEO

Stokes attributes her success as a female CEO to her hard work and tenacity. She also recognizes the help that she was able to receive from outside sources. One great resource for her was the SBA. This is an association that works for and with small businesses. The SBA is able to offer several resources that can help small businesses at each stage of their growth.