The Smart Home: What you Need to Know

The digital revolution continues, with the Internet of Things just around the corner, and when we have the entire planet covered with 5G, every single digital device will be connected to a super-grid. By the year 2030, most homes will be ‘smart’ to some extent, indeed, quite a few are already using smart technology, and here are a few of the benefits that you can enjoy with a smart home.

  • Security – Wherever you are in the world, simply connect to the Internet and you can view your CCTV cameras in real-time, and even control the movement, focusing in on detail if you wish. You will also have a special app on your smartphone that controls the major systems of your home – climate control, lighting and you can program major appliances, to have the oven come on, in order that your meal will be ready when you arrive. If someone tried to gain access to your home, motion sensors would trigger an alert, which would be sent to the nearest police station, the same with fire.
  • Artificial Intelligence – The AI industry is booming, even your smartphone uses AI, and the smart home will merge with AI to give you a whole host of services. Whenever you buy an appliance, make sure it is of the ‘smart’ variety, then it can be hooked up to your home grid, allowing you to monitor and control the device, even remotely.
  • Underfloor Heating – If you hate the feeling of walking barefoot on the kitchen floor in the winter, why not install dry underfloor heating? Once you take away the existing tiles, fit the electric netting, then buy some stunning tiles from Amber Tiles and then you can pre-heat the floor on winter mornings for a real taste of luxury.
  • Smartphone Apps – This is how you control every aspect of your home, with a combination of Bluetooth and Internet technology, every aspect of your home can be monitored, managed and operated using an app.
  • Solar Energy – A smart home wouldn’t be very smart if it is using energy provided by a fossil-fuel burning power station, and many Australian homeowners have already made the switch to solar energy. The Federal government supports the use of clean and renewable energy and the state will help you to pay for solar panels and deep-cycle batteries to be installed.
  • Convenience – With a fully connected home, your lifestyle will change for the better, and as the system recognises your daily routines, it will make your life easier. Emerging tech is bringing us home helpers – robots that learn about our routines and habits – by the year 2030, we will all have such a robot and it will do many things for us, making our coffee just the way we like it, it will even gut the grass when it is time, take out the trash and generally keep the house clean.

The smart home is most definitely the future, and for many Australians, it is already a reality, as they move into an automated age that will revolutionise the way we live.