The Recent Flock to Florida

In the past decade, Florida has seen a boom of over 3 million people. From the smallest neighborhoods to the biggest cities, almost every part of Florida is seeing tremendous growth. It is no surprise that this boom has caused the residential housing market to surpass $3.8 billion in value. Thousands of new homeowners are flocking to the Sunshine State, and changes in the Floridian way of life are only fueling the migration.

Changes in work culture, housing availability, and quality of life are at the foundation of Florida’s boom in popularity. Remote work has become more accessible, home prices are dropping, and new constructions are at an all time high. The weather is enjoyable year round, and the process for becoming a first-time homeowner is easier than ever. All of these factors have created a perfect storm for success in moving to Florida.

The home-buying process can be daunting and tedious, which is why so many groups and third party companies have committed to helping movers through their journey. Whether one needs mortgage help, loan advice, or just to be pointed in the right direction, movers are never alone in their quest to find a forever home in this growing state.


Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?