The Pay Gap in Women’s Sports

Very much like the pay gap exists in the office, there is a huge gap when it comes to professional male and female athletes. It seems wild to think that there is such a discrepancy, given how much there has been a rise in the demand and viewership when it comes to women’s sports. We’ve seen an uptick in everything from Women’s Tennis, Women’s Soccer, and was especially noticeable in the recent Tokyo Olympic Games given the performance of Simone Biles. Biles has brought her sport to a new level and still received medals even though she had to bow out given mental and physical health concerns.

Something that shocked me personally when looking at how large a gap there is in that in the last year, while women made up an almost balanced 40% of sportspeople, their professional sports received a meager 4% of all sports media coverage. There is hope when fans insist on women’s sports games and vote with their wallets.  Learn more about the business of women’s sports, how it can improve, and what you as a fan and viewer can do to in order to make it a more fair game in the visual deep dive below:

The Business of Women