The Newest Web Analytics Solution: Google Analytics 4

It’s official: Google announced the elimination of Universal Analytics, their web analytics platform in 2012.  Google is providing more than a year’s heads-up.  Universal analytics, the current interaction of Google Analytics, will stop processing data on July 1, 2023, and the user interface will shut down in 2024.  Google announced that the shutdown will occur at least 6+ months later, giving companies plenty of time to make the transition. 

Millions of businesses rely on the services of Google Analytics to understand their customer base and optimize web experiences.  Just 3 years after the birth of the internet, the first analytics solutions appeared, and since then, rapid changes have occurred.  Initially, it could take a large company up to 24 hours to process its website data.  In 2016, Universal Analytics incorporated machine learning for real-time monitoring, illustrating the immense web analytics improvements from the 90s. 
Google Analytics 4, GA4, was introduced in October 2020 as the newest iteration of Google Analytics.  Focused on user privacy without compromising insights and designed to combine app and web analytics in a single platform, GA4 is the future of web analytics.  InfoTrust offers a team of experts to help ease this transition, giving your company the perfect opportunity to future-proof your web analytics software.

History & Future of Web Analytics
Source: InfoTrust