The Importance of America’s Water Pipes

For thousands of years, humans have relied upon water piping systems. Their roots can be traced from the Indus River Valley to Ancient Rome and eventually to the modern United States. Over time, the frequency of their usage has grown as well. In fact, the U.S. has over 2.2 million miles of water pipes installed. However, this frequent usage also leads to more common breakdowns.

The U.S. has a water main burst about every 2 minutes and sees 6 billion gallons of water wasted daily. This loss can be attributed to the types of pipes used throughout the nation.  Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes (PCCP) and Ductile Iron Pipes (DIP) have a lifespan between 50 and 100 years, even though America replaces pipes every 200 years. Furthermore, these pipes have corrosion issues, which drastically cut into the projected lifespan.

Fortunately, modern innovation has presented a new type of pipe that eliminates some of these flaws. Hobas’s Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Mortar (FRPM) pipes have a longevity of 150+ years and have mitigated the corrosion issues of previous pipes. Additionally, they can be easily implanted into new and existing water mains. Ultimately, to help modernize and improve upon America’s aging piping system, FRPM pipes are the best way to push America forward.

The Water Fiberglass Pipe – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow