Ideas around work and employment have changed in past years. Workers ages 18-24 change jobs five times compared to older generations that average about 2-3 changes. Workers aren’t satisfied with their current jobs, and many of their complaints stem from an inability to work remotely.

After the COVID-19 pandemic the rate of employees working from home increased tremendously. Now that more employees are returning to the office, many are wanting to have the option to continue working from home. 91% of employees are happier at work when they are able to have flexible workers and have the option to work remotely.

Businesses are adapting their workflows in order to meet the new desires of their employees. In the coming years, it is expected that more companies will offer remote work with flexible hours so employees are able to choose when and where they work. For employees in the office, there will be more emphasis on wellness to keep employees happy and healthy while they carry out their daily tasks.
The needs of employees are shifting with this new generation of workers. To keep employee wellbeing and retention high, it is important that companies work to fulfill these needs. Learn more about the future of work in the infographic below:

Jobs Of The Future