CI/CD is an overarching abbreviation for a set of automation tools for developers. The first and most prominent is that of continuous integration. CI or continuous integration is the process of integrating various developers’ code into one repository. This is becoming important to ensure code isn’t created that cannot be made into one meaningful package.

CD or continuous delivery and deployment is about the processes past simple coding development. Continuous delivery is about code being automatically bug tested and put into the repository previously mentioned. Continuous deployment on the other hand is about the movement from the repository into a live testing environment.

All of these forms together help to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible during development. Of course, these are no substitute for a lack of skill or organization. Instead, they’re tools that any organization can use to ensure they’re producing quickly and efficiently. Typically these are integrated into development platforms, making them incredibly easy to use. 

CI/CD integration is increasingly popular and only projected to grow in use. This little guide then is important to understanding what’s to come. 60% of developers are coding faster than years past, many even going twice or three times as fast. It’s tools exactly like CI/CD that are going to make that possible for many development teams moving forwards.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline