The Booming Supplement Industry Deserves More Attention

With over half of all consumers around the world taking some kind of vitamin or supplement, saying that the supplement industry is thriving is an understatement. The US has some of the most consumers concerned about their health, taking vitamins with some locations and demographics seeing upwards of 80% taking supplements or vitamins every day. Speciality supplements, herbals and botanicals, sports nutrition supplements, and weight management supplements have all been taking the spotlight when it comes to growth in the vitamin industry. With a record growth rate of 14.5% in 2021, supplements are showing no signs of slowing down.

This growth and confidence has been brought by new blends with new ingredients, backed up by new scientific data. Supplements have been shown to reduce injuries from working out and many have proven to improve the performance of workouts. New blends with ingredients like beta-alanine for controlling muscle fatigue, tyrosine for encouraging dopamine production, and citrulline for increased muscle building have all exploded in popularity.

By 2031, the supplement industry is planned to hit a global value of nearly $100 billion. Make sure you know the supplement and vitamin industry inside and out as it continues to grow here:

The Big Business of Supplements