Telemedicine Saves Lives in Nursing Homes

On the surface, you might have thought about telehealth as a luxury, more of a nice to have glorified Skype call with your doctor, but the global pandemic has proven it to be a much more valuable service than ever before. Telehealth visits became a necessity at the start of the pandemic, but there’s a deeper need than that which has arisen when a deeper dive is necessary in the form of telemedicine which requires more equipment and staff on the patient end to be more clinical and diagnostic. 

In many cases, telehealth has even saved lives – especially when you think about our most vulnerable populations  – those that live in nursing homes. Also, consider that many of these residents face challenges with not enough qualified medical staff on a regular basis, especially those that may live in rural areas physically distant from many specialists that they need in a continuance of care. A surprising statistic is that more than 10 percent of nursing home residents that were admitted to a facility never see a doctor or advanced practice nurses during their stay. Telemedicine keeps care as preventive and proactive before matters get worse.

Learn more about how telemedicine is saving lives in nursing homes in the visual deep dive below:

Why Nursing Homes Need Telemedicine