Tax Day can be a terrifying deadline for those that are unprepared. It rushes up quickly, and it also marks the day that quarter one estimate payments are due. Although there are many important deadlines outside of Tax Day, both before and after. Below are some of the most important tax deadlines to keep in mind looking ahead.

March 15th, S-corp and partnership extensions and S-corp and C-corp elections are due. The first important date for March, S-corps and partnerships should mark this down instantly. While the extension moves the filing back to September, failing to file it will lead to costly monthly payments. Elections are similarly important, they’re what allow these types of businesses to be taxed.

March 31st, eFiling deadline. 1097, 1098, and 1099’s are due at this time. What paper filing for these forms was due in late February, there’s still time for digital submittal. 

April 18th, Tax Day and due date for extensions. This is the date to mark down for any individuals or typical LLC’s or C-corps. It’s not a definitive date, as an extension can be filed, but it is also importantly the due date for payments. Corporations are expected to pay their quarter one estimated tax payments on the 18th. 

Keeping in line with tax payments. Quarter two is due June 15th and quarter three on September 15th. These payments are due once a business becomes profitable, and should be prepared for well in advance.

Finally the due date for tax filing with an extension is October 16th. This is six months after the April Tax Day date. Missing this date will lead to penalties and expenses rapidly building. It’s the final relevant date for taxes, and the last one anyone would want to miss.

These are a few of the most important upcoming tax deadlines. There are more specific dates that may be worth considering for certain businesses. Although for the majority of the population what is listed above is all that needs to be worried about.